Crazy ’bout Craigslist!

19 Sep

Okay, people! Here’s the real reason anyone should ever, under any circumstances, read anything that I write:  Craigslist Treasure of the Week. This will be a weekly (or whenever I feel like it, probably) installment. I am OBSESSED with Craigslist. Spencer’s obsessed with Craiglook, but I’m not prepared to make that switch. I’m not an early adopter. I’m a laggard. So, I cruise Craigslist every day. My favorite things to look at are ’94 Pontiac Grand Prix’s, real estate and horses (Sorry, that scrub you have is NOT a barrel prospect. In fact, you saying that it is pretty much just tells me that it runs off with  you all the time). So, of course, I often come across awesome or hilarious things for sale. Let’s be honest, though- I probably won’t post the awesome ones because I’ll want to keep those for myself. I’m going to try to keep it to just the Stillwater Craigslist and just the For Sale section. If I start expaanding beyond that, I’m gonna have a full-time job. So, for your viewing pleasure, I present to you the first of many great finds:

Fran Drescher autographed photos-Only $30 each!  For that person who still watches The Nanny.

WOW account. For that person who knows what WOW stands for and who also doesn’t care if they get a date.

Sell your laptop, dead or alive! Seriously, this might be helpful to someone…

Mini goats. For that person who likes goats. Especially small ones.

And this is only things for sale in the last two days, y’all. Stay tuned for more exciting treasures next week!


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