I’m not a redneck. You are.

21 Oct
Jeff Foxworthy’s “You might be a redneck” bit is pretty much used by everybody to make fun of me on a daily basis. I don’t mind because I like being a redneck and usually the people saying it to me are rednecks too. I mean, when your dad writes a song called The Redneck Anthem, you are sort of used to it.  But, Katie pointed out to me that our tv antenna may be yet another indication of our redneckness. Which hadn’t occurred to me before she said it. That is scary. So, as I went to take a picture of it, I noticed another redneck scene called “the front porch.”

What's redneck about Busch beer in RealTree camo cans and a watermelon? And a fishing net behind them.

Wow. Live it, love it. So, back to the antenna. You know how digital tv sucks and if you don’t have cable you can only get one channel that cuts out every other second and freezes altogether when you turn the microwave or a ’96 Chevy pickup on?  Yeah, I know. It’s super annoying. So, we’ve just been watching stuff from Netflix (Because somehow, Spencer knows how to make what’s on the computer come through the tv. Don’t ask me any questions about it. I’m not even sure if cords are involved or not.). But do you know what that smarty britches did? He went and MADE an antenna out of JUNK IN OUR YARD.  There’s a lot of junk in our yard because we rent from a slum lord and neither he nor us give a care. But, anyway, he figured out how to arrange hangers into an antenna while I stood by and said helpful things like, “Spencer, wood doesn’t conduct tv signals. That won’t work.” But lo and behold! We are getting television uninterrupted! It’s great. He’s a genius. But, it does look kinda white trashy. Luckily, we don’t care.

This is the base made out of what looks to be an old porch swing. The antenna is tied with some kind of red strap.

It's kind of tall. I think two boards are attached together.

If you have really good eyes you can see the hanger wires sticking out.

So, that’s our awesome antenna. It’s one of the main reasons I love Spencer so much.

Did I ever tell you that my bosses like to call me Heather Leeroy?

I can’t blame them.

But, please notice the wine bottle above. That proves we are classy.

Just when I thought there were only two indications of redneckness so far today, I turned on my phone and this is the first thing I saw.

Fish that Matt and I caught in the Cimarron river. Maybe a drum?

Did you notice the stringer sticking out of it’s mouth? Okay, I give up. It’s not even noon yet. Can you imagine if I wrote a post about being a redneck after a whole day had gone by? Lord help us.


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