In order of importance…

31 Oct

First of all, I need to say that I am really getting tired of crappy customer service.


I mean, I remember the days when the Braum’s employees had enough pride in themselves and their work to take the time to put the pickles inside the burger. Am I asking too much, here?

I am inside, writing a blog on this beautiful, awesome, Oklahoma fall day because I feel like I got hit by a truck. Or, as Rosie would say, “I feel like a coyote ate me and then crapped me off a cliff.” And, it’s all my mom’s fault. She’s trying to kill me. She’s very sneaky. She called me a few weeks ago and sweetly requested that, for her birthday, I go on a trail ride with her. Okay, I’ll go. But, remember how last time I fell off my horse in a creek? Remember that? There will be none of that this time. Okay. So, guess what. I fell off my horse. This time I landed in a dead bush and although I didn’t get the wind knocked out of me, at least, I think this time was worse. Mainly that’s because everyone remembers the last freakin Camp David Ranch trail ride when I fell off. I’m earning a reputation. And, like I said, I blame my mother. She is a cowgirl but for some reason, she obviously did a terrible job of passing down that gene. Also, she knows I fall off and that I don’t have health insurance but that doesn’t stop her from taking me on trail rides. RUDE. So, take a chunky 26-year-old with a poor sense of balance and a spooked horse and whaddayaget? BRUISING.

My friend Debbie and I. She later fell off her horse, too.

This was after I fell off. Look what a good sport I was being. I had no idea of the ensuing soreness. But, I’m not bitter.

Now that we got those details taken care of, on to what this blog is REALLY supposed to be about:

love, love, love

I’m getting married! Spencer is gonna make an honest woman of me as soon as the legislative session is over. Yay! I’m over the moon happy. I’ll gush all about it later. I know ya can’t wait. I’m working on a wedsite so I’ll post the link when I get it going. In the meantime, I need y’all’s help. I’m trying to find a place to hold both the ceremony and reception. I want to have it in the Arbuckle mountain area so that there are fun activities for everyone to do and I want it to be outdoors. I’m going for a family-reunion/picnic style. So, if anyone knows of a good place, please let me know!

I’m gonna go put an ice pack on my groin (do girls have a “groin?”) now. Love ya.


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