“Sultry” November days and all you can eat BBQ

24 Nov

David Payne just said it was “sultry” outside. Hmmmm. Anyhoo…I have absolutely no time to be writing a blog. But you know me, I work better under pressure. Also, I have some things to tell you about. Kinda.

The first thing I kinda want to tell you about (Well, that’s not accurate. I really want to tell you all about it but I don’t know if I’m supposed to.) involves mule deer semen and the panhandle of Texas. Basically, on Saturday, there was a semen emergency and Spencer and I had to make a run. Real clear, I know. BUT, the points that matter here are:

 1) Highway 51 goes a long ways West. Like, all the way to Texas. Possibly beyond. I guess we’ll never know.

 2) I never realize how much I’m not supposed to live in town until I go to the country and get my  peace tank filled back up. I got to see deer, turkeys and a quail (Yes, just one lonely little guy. Or girl? I’m not too sure.) and my cup runneth over.

Roadside gobblers. Highly recommend driving and photographing simultaneously.

3) West of the Line Cafe in Higgins, Texas has an EXCELLENT all-you-can-eat barbecue buffet on Saturday nights. Or, at least this past Saturday night they did. And, it was really more like early evening. Even better, the girl working there (yes, there was just one) forgot to turn on the “open” sign all day so there was only one other table of people in there. I had to leave her a $10 tip because I was afraid she was behind on pay because of the sign ordeal, though.

The diet's going great!

Now David Payne and Lance West just predicted it will be 90 degrees today and -17 tomorrow. They had too much coffee.

4) Listening to fball makes road trips go faster. Got to hear the OSU beat the Jayhawks on the way there and listened to the OU game on the way back. Which brings me to a VERY important matter. BEDLAM, y’all. For reals. This is gonna get crazy. Get ready. (Yes, we usually lose. That just means, statistically, we are getting closer to our next win. No, OU may not consider it a rivalry. We do. So there.)

5) I have a redneck for a future brother-in-law. Good news is, if he ever records an album, we have a photo for the cover.

It's the little details that make this picture great.

What else, what else…hmmm…Spencer and I are still on the house hunt. Also, my sis is back for the holiday and we are going hunting tomorrow. Holla! Oh, yeah, I also wanted to tell you I’ve been doing Zumba. If someone could sneak a video camera in there, that video could def. go viral. It’s pitiful. And one last thing before I go…

Voo-doo peach cobbler. Oh, mama.

Remember to be thankful tomorrow (and probably the other days, too) and remember who you’re thankful to!


One Response to ““Sultry” November days and all you can eat BBQ”

  1. Cathy November 26, 2010 at 7:38 am #

    Heather- You know better than to ‘tickle” me with half of the story. Expand on that mule deer-semen story a bit more. I do hope the two are related, rather than something you need to tell me. Semen emergencies are never a good thing! Loved the turkey pic., thanks for the tip while driving and photographing tip, makes texting while driving no thing at all.

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