What football game?

29 Nov

Well, this is all I’m going to say about Bedlam: Shut up and leave me alone. Jillian came to babysit  hangout with me and somehow we ended up wagging around some random guy that Spencer used to know in high school. It was weird. We had a good time for the first half of the game hanging out at the Penny where some of my friends I don’t see much were watching the game. But, somehow, we ended up  at Kruz’n’Burger for the last quarter and that’s where it all fell apart. That place was FULL of Sooner fans. And not the nice kind (I’m not sure if there is a nice kind but I remain hopeful). They kept doing these stupid “Beat Texas” chants. What the crap is that about? Anyhow, I got into a huge fight with some guy and even though Jillian was supposed to keep me out of fights, she was ignoring us and focusing on her fried pickles. I was so frustrated because I couldn’t kick that guy in the face, that I went to the waiter (actually, two different ones) and told him that I was a paying customer and didn’t appreciate this yayhoo screaming the F-word at the top of his lungs every five seconds. So, yes, I tattled just to get him into trouble. And I giggled the whole time. I would definitely do it again.

Besides us getting the crap kicked out of us, I lost my cute (and warm) hat I was wearing. I’m fairly certain that a Sooner fan stole it at the Penny. However, I think we made up for the loss of my hat the next morning when we drove over to campus and scavenged for goods. There were more single gloves than you could count. Among the best of the treasures were a little maglite, a grill brush, a roll of duct tape, a Polo beanie, a pair of gloves, a couple nice shirts (why?) and a box of 16 Bud Lights. Heck. Yes.

I didn’t get to go hunting. I’m a fair weather hunter and it was sleeting. Also, Mel forgot her hunter safety course card so she couldn’t get a license or tag anyway.

I’ve been working on wedding stuff and wish I could show you pics but I want everyone to be surprised! My biggest feat yet is that I just finished making boutonnieres with some fake flowers. I think they’re really cute. I’m turning into a regular Martha Stewart. If Martha Stewart shopped exclusively at thrift stores and had hot glue gun blisters covering her hands.

Let me leave you with this.

Spencer adding some class (AKA tin foil) to our antenna.


2 Responses to “What football game?”

  1. Jason November 30, 2010 at 9:38 am #

    There is a nice kind of Sooner fan. You are just hanging out in the wrong crowd. On behalf of all Sooner fans, I apologize for the butt-kicking you received, on the field and off the field.
    P.S.- Remind Melissa that she has a book to sign! It’s a pay-off on a bet she made with me. If you’re wondering, just ask Mel.

    • heatherok November 30, 2010 at 10:31 am #

      I almost deleted this comment based on the fact that you said I got my butt kicked. However, I did hear about the bet pre-game and I think it’s kind of funny, so your comment remains. Congratulations.

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