BIG Love

6 Dec

Happy, Monday, Friends! I am feeling great this morning, despite being in  allergy hell. I got to do some work so I’m feeling a little bit more useful in life.

Over the weekend my lovey and I signed a lease in NW OKC. Yay! We’ll be taking things here and there but once Spencer graduates in a couple weeks, we’ll get completely moved.

I blogged last week about Dave Ramsey’s giving campaign and encouraged y’all to be generous and bless others. WELL. Guess what happened to me. THE NEXT DAY, I received a sweet card with a gift in it. It was anonymous and I don’t know if the person who sent it reads this blog, but THANK YOU! I feel that God used that person to help me. I received the gift on Saturday and on Sunday I had a flat. When Spencer changed it for me, he realized the wires were showing on the inside of my tire, which prompted a demand that I get new tires ASAP. It’s a really expensive time for me since I paid a large deposit on the new house on Saturday. So, whoever you are, I pray that God repays your generosity ten-fold because now I can afford tires. (Disclaimer: With my last blog, I was in no way trying to encourage anyone to bless me. It was a wonderful surprise, though!)

While Spencer was getting my  spare tire out, he found a NICE point and shoot digital camera. There was a business card in the case, so I emailed the person it belonged to. It looked like a work camera and pictures were taken with it less than a month before I bought my car. Hopefully he emails me back. If not, I guess I have upgraded my camera and can maybe bless someone with my old one!

Smokey is eating pecans again. He goes and gets them out of our neighbor’s yard and brings them in and chomps them up, leaving shells in the carpet. What a little squirrel.

Have a great week, everybody! Love ya!


One Response to “BIG Love”

  1. Andie December 6, 2010 at 1:56 pm #

    WOW…that is awesome! I LOVE hearing stories like this one! BTW…the Dave videos made me tear up too! 🙂

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