Well, here’s something. It’s only mildly better than nothing.

11 Jan

Welp, Readers, today I would like to give you a how-to lesson on DIY screen printing. I would like to, but my example is in the garage and if you think I’m going out there in 7 degree weather, you have done lost yo’ mind, Fool. Oh, I don’t know if y’all know or not, but I live in OKC now so you can expect me to say cool, urban things fairly often from now on. Word. Anyway, I made Spencer some custom shop rags for Christmas and I will show them to you and tell you how to do it yourself  someday. Or, you could just go pay $50 for ten rags. Boo on that!

Speaking of living in OKC, I am LOVING IT. Stillwater is a fun town for a college kid but it was kind of losing the thrill for me. HOWEVER, at least the Stillwater thrift stores are all arranged very close together for the most part AND at least they have crafting supplies. Geez, I can’t find a random roll of ribbon or fabric scraps to save my life around here. But, it is fun to be closer to home and if you have never lived within five miles of EVERYTHING YOU COULD EVER WANT OR NEED, you should try it. It’s weird.

Spencer has a garage to work in now, so as he’s doing his science experiments, I get to find things like this on my kitchen counter. Because everyone knows science experiments don’t contain themselves to the garage. I mean, what IS that? I don’t even ask. It kind of makes me want to hug his mom though, because, can you imagine the stuff he was doing when he was a kid? Probably making those exploding volcanoes every day just for fun.

He started his new job (career?) yesterday and had a good day. I felt weird because he’s been off for three weeks and we have basically been hanging out 24/7.  I didn’t know what to do with myself. So, of course, I went to the thrift store. Where I didn’t find any crafting supplies. GEEZ.

While you are looking forward to learning to screen print, let me leave you with this thought: There are distinct neighborhoods in OKC. Remember that.

Peace, love and Dale Ann Bradley.


One Response to “Well, here’s something. It’s only mildly better than nothing.”

  1. cathy January 12, 2011 at 8:36 pm #

    HUGS Heather! Isn’t science fun? In any location…? Watch out for the keys in the light socket thing though, it’s kinda ugly, especially if you find him squatted in the bed of a large Tonka dump truck with keys in hand!-cathy

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