She’s so thrifty!

12 Jan

I have decided… to follow Jesus, I have decided…Sorry. What I meant to say was “I have decided to review OKC’s thrift stores for ya.” That old hymn just comes into my head anytime I think the words “I have decided.” Bet it’s in your head now, too! Ha! Anyway. Thrift stores. Yeah. I have been to several in my few weeks here. I’m gonna give you the low-down in no particular order.

1. Bargain Thrift They have more than one location. I have been to the one at N. Western & Hefner and the one at NW 16th and Meridian. They are big stores with tons of stuff. Found some nice name brands. HOWEVER, they don’t have a dressing room! I took a chance and bought an Ann Taylor dress and pair of Old Navy jeans. Also, the employees were super-unprofessional, mildly ghetto and on their cell phones constantly (the girl checking me out was texting while waiting on me). They have a bird candelabra that I want bad. Real bad. It’s gold and I want to paint it white. I carried it in my cart for, like, two hours before deciding I didn’t have a place for it. I can’t get it out of my head, though. If it’s still there when I go back, it is MINE.

2. Unique Thrift It is located at NW 23rd near Meridian. Another big store with lots of stuff. They write prices on things with a grease pencil. It’s kind of annoying to wipe off, but I’ll live. I didn’t look at their clothes racks, but there were a bunch. I ended up buying some kitchen junk and an ashtray made out of a yellow Oklahoma license plate. I don’t know why because we don’t smoke. I put it in the garage. If anyone wants to smoke, please, feel free to come borrow my ashtray. They had a couple of really nice ladies working.

3. Nearly New This is a higher-end thrift store (if that’s a thing) on N. Western. They have nice, name-brand clothes and it doesn’t smell like a thrift store in there (I think you know what I mean. Ew.). It is clothes only, though. I didn’t happen to find anything when I went but I’ll be checking back. There was a huge, shaggy dog in there. I have no idea what kind it was, but it was hip-high and sniffed me right when I walked in. I don’t mind, being a dog lover and all, but I found it odd. Don’t go there if you’re scared of huge dogs, I guess.

4. St. Vincent DePaul Thrift Store It’s on NW 23rd and I got excited when I walked in. It was more like a Stillwater store-a little cleaner, a little more organized. Also, it had more crafty-type things, which I assume came from old church ladies. I bought some nice clothes there (a collared shirt from Harold’s, for one thing), along with a few crafty things. AND they sell hangers. Which, is good because I needed some! The guy behind the counter was nice enough for a Yankee.

5. Goodwill on NW 50th This was your typical Goodwill. Big, smelly and full of undiscovered little treasures. I bought this acorn just because I wanted to set it next to the ceramic squirrel I already had (from a thrift store in Stilly) and the candle inside smells good. 

6. Salvation Army on N. Penn Okay, Salvation Army and Goodwill stores are always similar to me. BUT, the Salvation Army’s heater was broken yesterday. That’s right. It was 17* outside and their heater was broken. That, however, did not deter the dedicated employees and you know it didn’t slow this girl down, either. Oh, no, it did not. I bought an Ann Taylor skirt and an Express shirt along with some other stuff. There was an employee who was very annoying. Here is his description in case you are in there, you will know who to stay away from: Large, 20-something, black man who likes to sing loudly and in a very high voice. The man at the counter was nice, though.

7. Thrift store with an unknown name I happened across this store on my way to Goodwill. It was on NW 50th and the man there told me about another one on 23rd and Portland. The one on 50th was really small and kind of shady. Some guy came in begging the man for extended credit and they had an argument about him paying. In the end, they agreed that he could have $20 more in credit but if it wasn’t paid by Friday, he wouldn’t show his face in the store again. I was wishing I had my Derringer (I don’t actually have a Derringer, but in my mind, I like to keep one in my purse) just in case it got ugly. Then the man offered me a cup of coffee (which I cleverly declined just in case it was roofied) and led me over to his new store next door which will be done in about a month and a half, he said. It was HUGE. He was actually very nice other than the fact he wanted to talk about Mary Fallin, Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton and I, unfortunately, did not. I did buy four books there. The next day, I went to the other place on 23rd and Portland and it was a big one. I bought some more crap there. Mainly clothes. I hope my boss isn’t reading this because he already thinks I dress shabby, I think. I promise these are nice, name brands with no holes.

8. The Remarkable Shop It’s on N. May and Spencer’s cousin, Ryan, told me about it. It was a good one. It’s mainly clothes, but they have really nice things and I got a few shirts there. They also gave me a coupon for 30% off my next purchase AND a free shirt! Plus, they do punch cards. The girls who worked there were rambling on incessantly about teen girl things and I felt sorry for the poor guy working with them. I think they may have thought that since he’s gay, he wanted to girl talk. I don’t think he did. But, I’m sure I was a rambling teen girl once, so I don’t judge. I probably still am sometimes.

So, I think that’s all the ones I have been to, so far. There are many, many more to conquer, I’m sure. I am CONSTANTLY buying things for the wedding but I don’t tell about those because it’s a surprise! But you can imagine. Mismatched to the highest degree. If you have thrift store information, please share! If you want me to keep an eye out for anything specific, let me know!

Happy cheap-skating, everybody!

P.S. I don’t know why some links are blue and some are black. Please forgive me.

P.S.S. Please watch this. Please, please, please. You’re welcome.


2 Responses to “She’s so thrifty!”

  1. margee January 12, 2011 at 7:03 pm #

    There is something about you that says ” you are my people”

    • heatherok January 12, 2011 at 8:43 pm #

      Haha! Love that. What a nice thing to say. I visited your site, by the way, and saw some of your work. Very impressive. Also, if you like Slade Cleaves then we are probably BFFs.

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