Christmas coaster make over

15 Jan

I have no idea why I have been motivated to write so often this week when sometimes I forget to write for a month. Oh, well, I’m just gonna go with it. The other day (at the thrift store of course), I bought some coasters. I needed coasters. I didn’t have any. I did not, however, need Christmas coasters. The store tricked me by putting one on top that was deer standing by a stream. When I got them home, I realized they were mostly houses with Christmas lights. GREAT.

But then, I came across this tutorial on how to make coasters. I wasn’t even looking for coaster information but you know how one click leads to another. Since I had coasters, Mod Podge and time, I decided to fix mine. So, on a couple I tried to peel off the layer of art (sorry Mr. Kinkaid!) and on a couple I left it on there. Peeling it off worked the best because you don’t have to worry about bleed-thru and it also made the paper stay in one place better because it wasn’t all slidey (slidish?).  Anyway, I had some sheet music to “Oh, Happy Day” laying around so I cut that up and slapped it on there. Then, I printed off some images from this awesome free clip art site. I slapped those on there.

The tutorial said to use a foam brush. I found one in the garage but it started disintegrating on me. DANG IT! It was gross. So, I just found a regular paint brush and threw all caution to the wind. I’m a rebel. I live on the edge. You can’t tell me what kind of brush to use, man.

Then, while they were drying, I went to get polyurethane. This is where the project starts to cost some money. Michael’s sells a tiny little can of that stuff for $10! What the heck?! Anyway, at this point, I was too far into it and had to finish. Now, since I was at Michael’s, you would think I’d just buy some foam brushes. No. I was already spending $10 on polyurethane and about $17  on ribbon (Yes, ribbon. Why? No reason.). I could not fork over $2.99 more for a pack of foam brushes. Let’s be reasonable. I found a sponge at home and figured that it was similar to foam so I tried to paint the polyurethane onto it and use it as a brush. No bueno. Bad idea.

Anyway, I came home and polyurethaned the snot outta those things and now they are cute. Kind of. I was afraid there would be brush lines but once they dried, they were pretty smooth, actually. Go glue something. It’s fun!


2 Responses to “Christmas coaster make over”

  1. Rachel Hollis January 15, 2011 at 9:27 pm #

    Yay! We’re so happy you were inspired to make coasters! They look great, thanks for linking back to us!! – My Chic Life

  2. Brooke January 17, 2011 at 12:53 pm #

    Well hey there Mrs. Creative!

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