Updates on life in general

27 May

In light of what went down the day after I wrote the tornado rap, it really doesn’t seem that funny to me anymore. But, I’m not deleting it because it was funny (to me and Amber Hays-or whatever her last name is now) at the time and maybe it will be again some other day. BUT, I’m not talking about any of that sad crap because that’s all we’ve been seeing on the news and I need a break, y’all.

Anyway, on to more thrilling things. Like how my wedding is one week away and I don’t know what’s left to do. People keep asking me and I have no answer for them. I do know that I need to be tanning and exercising but I have a SORE throat and I’m pretty sure my fever was about 107.6 the other day. So, none of that getting pretty stuff has been happening. Also, I probably need to think of something to do about flowers for me to carry, but I just don’t care. I think I will go to WallyWorld on the morning of and get some flowers. Or make someone else go.

I probably won’t make my sister go because it would probably take her an hour to waddle from the car to the store. That is because she is mucho pregunta (some people thinks that means “question” in Spanish, but actually it’s just a cool word for “with child”). Her baby is due July 11th and is going to be half Mexican. Which, I am very excited about because I can finally have someone to teach me some real Spanish. Not just the cuss words like I learned in Mrs. Frijole’s class. I’m pretty excited about being the coolest aunt this world has ever seen.

Now, what this blog is also about today is Legislative Session, also known as Crazy Town. Also known as, MY FEET REALLY HURT, CARRY TWO PAIRS OF SHOES AT ALL TIMES and I DIDN’T KNOW I COULD GAIN THIS MUCH WEIGHT IN FOUR MONTHS. Those are some of the main things. Some of the other main things are about learning a lot, meeting tons of cool people and doing something you were basically made to do. I have a great job. It can be hard and not everyone would like it, but I do! Anyway, luckily session is now over so I can concentrate on not preparing for my wedding.

Sorry there are no pics today but I am too lazy to take any. BUT, I did borrow my aunt’s good camera (that I sold to her for rent money a few years ago) to take promo pics for my brother’s new band on Sunday. So, I will probably post at least one awesome one within a week. Speaking of which, I am supposed to be working on their Facebook page right now (how did I become their slave?) so I better go.

Have a good day, everyone!


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