Crazy ‘Bout Craigslist to Cheer Me Up

28 May

Well, I don’t know if y’all happen to know this or not, but I’m the worst sick person ever. Big ‘ol weiner, basically. And after about two days, I get really whiney and depressed because I’m sick of laying on the couch, yet too tired to get up and do anything. Spencer, being the brave soul that he is, is going to the lake today. Of course, he’d rather be here petting my hair and handing me cough drops but it’s Memorial weekend and it would be just plain sinful not to visit a big body of water and drink beer. I don’t blame him, actually. I’m getting on my own nerves here. Anyway, I thought a nice edition of Crazy ‘Bout Craigslist might lift my spirits. Now that I live in OKC, I am pulling from the OKC craigslist instead of Stillwater so get ready for even MORE weird stuff! And away we go!

This was a lot different than I thought it would be based on the title……I thought it would be something that held biscuits together.

For that cheesy tv preacher in your life… 

HAHAHAHAHA! I bet the Wal-Marts hates to see this feller roaming the parking lot.   This reminds me of Bubbles on Trailer Park Boys. If you don’t know what that is, you need to watch it on Netflix.

When you crave messed up meat that’s not good enough for someone else. I shouldn’t laugh. My grandpa would be all over it.

Speaking of things my grandpa would buy, are you tired of waiting on the county to get your road grated? Want to take things into your own hands but can’t afford/can’t drive that complicated machinery? Look no further! 

Yeah, that really does say $800.

To put that in perspective, you can also get this for the same money as the one above. And it runs.

What a great job application. Seriously?

Okay, I feel better now, don’t you?




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