The Hank Woodard Band

15 Jun

As you may or may not know and may or may not give a hoot, some pretty important days are in my very recent past. I will be blogging about them but I kind of have OCD about the chronological orderliness of this stuff, so, in the interest of not mixing up the history of my life, I want to tell you about my brother’s band first.

My brother is basically always in a band, in case you didn’t know. However, this is the best one so far. I did a photo shoot for them the other day in Stillwater where they are currently squatting. I will now share the sum of my photographic genius plus their overall coolness.

And just look at that cute little early-twenties Wrangler butt, Ladies.

But, that’s not the point. Compose yourselves. How about this?

Annnnnddd, maybe just one more.

My brother is the one with a mountain man beard. He sure is hairy. Anyway, in addition to being hairy, he’s also a VERY impressive guitarist and a great song-writer. This kid knows about being original and creative enough to make you pay attention and have a FEELING (like music used to) but comfortable enough to make you like it. The other band members are awesome, too, but they aren’t my little brother. Although, I boss them around about as much as if they were.

This photo shoot was like herding cats. Bands are a blast to work with but they are usually made up of lunatics. And, when you factor in that all men in their early twenties are already lunatics, you get twice the crazy. And twice the fun.

They have an album on the way and are basically just waiting for the album cover photo which we plan to shoot next Sunday. So get ready.

Check these dudes out on facebook. And call my brother if you own a bar or are having a sweet party, because they will come play for you. And you will like it.

(They also have a myspace page which isn’t getting used much but that does have some songs posted if you’d like to take a listen.)


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