Wild Wedding Weekend-Part 1

21 Jun

We got married on June 4th. This is the blog where I tell you about it.

*This series of blog entries is an overview of the weekend’s events. There will probably be subsequent blogs with my unsolicited advice, lists, planning information and anything else that I think might be helpful to someone.*

First of all, I got sick the week before with a bad cold which, as usual, led to a bad sinus infection. Even though I went to the doctor, the sinus infection led to an eye infection. It was Tuesday before I got anyone to give me an antibiotic (more on that later). My wedding was on Saturday. My eyes looked like they had pink eye. I was panicking. Anyway, it all cleared up right before the wedding and I started feeling better.

On Friday, I met my mom and sis in Wayne and we headed down to the venue after eating some Chicken Express in Pauls Valley. They only have fried things there and I’m not kidding. Don’t go there. So, we, along with my Aunt Donna and cousin, Shy-Anne, got down to the venue but didn’t have much to do because all my supplies were in Spencer’s pickup and he wasn’t there yet. So, we went swimming in the little lake/big pond. That was pretty fun.

Once a few people started arriving, we got out of the water and started getting ready. Spencer’s mom and two aunts were there and they set up shop in the little cabin. In the Lodge, Mel and I worked on the Chinese lanterns while we were waiting on my bridal shower to start. Around that time, some of my cousins started showing up because it was one of their kids’ birthdays and we were just going to throw their birthday party in with our rehearsal dinner weenie roast.

The bridal shower got started way late because of a snafu with the driving directions. To make a long story short, there was a locked gate where we didn’t know there was a locked gate and that just threw a bunch of us off. But, the shower was lovely. The decorations were original and beautiful and the cupcakes were tasty.

Now, a note about the shower: I didn’t want much of a shower. I was married briefly once before when I was twenty and it was just a stupid kid thing that I did, but still, I felt very awkward having a shower and letting people buy me things AGAIN. But, I didn’t want to ruin it for Spencer and my sweet friends just insisted. So, not very many people got invited to the shower. I hope no one’s feelings were hurt by that, but I think they should just count themselves lucky for not having to buy anything.

After the shower, we had a quick little rehearsal which was mainly me saying, “Just go stand over there when it’s time.” Then, we hustled back to the Lodge for the weenie roast. I think the weenie roast was pretty fun for everyone but I’m not sure because I was so tired and overwhelmed that I think I just went on autopilot.

The wedding party-I made t-shirts and I'll tell about those later!

My cousin, Travis, gave me a beer at some point that I was almost afraid to drink because it came out of the ice chest with the dead pig (more on that later). Notice I said “almost.” Kids were squirting each other with water guns. There was a fire. I don’t see how it could have gone any better.

Scary moment. Mainly because I thought Spencer's brother might accidentally grab my boob and that would've been awkward.

Everyone who wasn’t spending the night headed home when it started getting late and I went to bed. I got out of bed twice to tell the drunks to lower the volume and, by that point, I was getting pretty cranky. So, here’s a bit of advice: If you are having a rowdy group spending the night before the wedding, make sure you have somewhere quiet to go! Basically, everyone besides the bride is going to look at it as a party. When I was herding my brother off the porch he said, “I’m only listening to you because it’s your wedding tomorrow.” I thought that was an excellent reason and assured him that I never expected him to obey me again.

Eventually, I got to sleep and my adventures began again at 6:30 the next morning.


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