Wild Wedding Weekend-Part 2

21 Jun

We got married on June 4th. This is the blog where I tell you about it.

*This series of blog entries is an overview of the weekend’s events. There will probably be subsequent blogs with my unsolicited advice, lists, planning information and anything else that I think might be helpful to someone.*

So, I rolled out of bed at 6:30 and went to wake up my dear friend Jillian. Jillian, after leaving the weenie roast, took a wrong turn out in the boonies and got lost. Being low on gas, she decided to play it safe and just come back to us rather than get stranded with no phone signal. So, I loaded her up and went to town to get her some gas and me a bouquet. I had this brilliant idea to just grab some flowers from Wal-Mart. Well. The Sulphur Wal-Mart is dumb and doesn’t have flowers. Luckily, my sister got some in Purcell for me.

Next, I got back to the venue and started decorating. Jillian had to leave to get ready since all her stuff was at her mom’s house. Tiff came over to help me and we got the main things that I could do done. Then, she left to go get ready. This is when I had my nervous breakdown. I hear every bride has one. Everyone and I do mean everyone was running late that morning. I found myself loading things up and trying to do everything myself. When I talked to my mom on the phone, I started bawling about how no one cared that I was working my butt off and it hurt my feelings that they weren’t helping. So, she being an hour away, decided to call Spencer and tell him he better come do some damage control before I totally lost it (yes, Mom, I figured that one out. It was kinda obvious.). What I learned here was that for one thing, no one else cares as much as you do about the minutia of your wedding except maybe your mom (and that’s probably only once you start crying). Also, you have to tell people you want help sometimes even when you feel like you just want them to want to help. And even when you gave them an itinerary that explained what time decorating would start.

So, Spencer, his mom, and his  best man Tony came to rescue me. Unfortunately, this came at the same time that I had to go start getting myself ready so I had to abandon my vision for the rest of the decorations and leave it up to them.

As you can see, my morning was not too good. But, what do you expect? It’s your wedding morning! My friend came to do my hair but due to me having my wedding in the boonies where no one knew how to get there, she was late. So, everything between when I got in the shower and when I got to the reception is a high-speed blur. I think there was a mimosa or two somewhere in there thanks to Jill! There are pictures of the chaos somewhere but until the missing memory card is found, you will just have to use your imagination! Yes, I said missing memory card.

Now, to the good stuff.


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