Wild Wedding Weekend-Part 3

21 Jun

Well, here we are! Wedding time! I got out of the car where I was hiding and met my dad for the walk down. I think that being “given away” is kind of  ridiculous at the age of 27, but I didn’t want to walk all that way by myself with everyone staring at me. I expected to fall or something. So, my dad just walked with me. My dad’s best quote of the day: “Am I supposed to hold your elbow or something?” HAHAHA What does that even mean?As we walked, my brother played a pretty melody on his acoustic guitar. When I got to my handsome groom, he told me I looked beautiful. That is something I will always remember. I was seeing the decorations for the first time, most of the guests for the first time and I was overwhelmed. I was fighting tears the entire time. My Aunt Christy sang a song my dad wrote and then my Uncle Charles performed the sweet and simple ceremony. I loved it. At that point, it didn’t matter to me that the arch was about to blow over on our heads or that we had lost the boys’ boutonnieres.

This is what I pictured, after all!

 We snapped a few pics and sent everyone over to the pavilion for the reception. In the meantime, a carload of us went back to the Lodge to change clothes because we were sweating to death! We got to the reception and enjoyed spending time with our guests.

Listening to my brother perform "The Wedding Song" by Charlie Robison

The food was killer. My cousin, Kevin, and his wife fixed a pig and beans. That guy was out there at 5a.m. cooking! So, the reception was a good time all around! I appreciate so much everything that everyone put into making it a special day. Spencer’s mom rented the venue and the cabins as well as provided the weenie roast fixins; my Aunt Donna and Uncle Lyndell provided the meat; my cousin cooked it; my Aunt Christy sang and Charles performed the ceremony; my brother played one song even though he was supposed to be the entertainment; my mom was my basic all-around work horse and paper-goods provider; Elexis did my hair; Rae, Tabi and Danielle took pics; and Spencer married me! A lot of other people helped out, too, with the set-up and clean-up. I love you all!

Other points of excitement were the rattlesnake that slithered up to the pavilion right before the wedding, my little cousin falling off the dock while fishing and the night after the wedding. A few of our good friends hung around and we all sat in a circle and celebrated. It was a lot of fun!

Relaxing after a crazy few days!

The next morning we got up pretty early and headed back to OKC. We unloaded the car and then reloaded it and headed to our honeymoon in Eureka Springs, AR.

I debated whether to even have a wedding as I knew it would be stressful. I have to say, though, that I really did not feel stressed out until maybe the night before and that only lasted up until the wedding started. So, I would definitely say that I am very happy that we did things the way we did and I think we both have great memories of the day we were wed. Also, it gave a lot of people a chance to hang out and visit!

That’s all for now but soon I’ll have a review of what worked and what didn’t and information on all those wedding details that are so much fun to think about!


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