How-Part 2

23 Jun

Okay, I think at this point we are to the reception.  Like I said before, not a lot of pics of the decorations so I’ll just try to explain. For the table cloths, I had yellow sheets (and a few actual tablecloths)-some with prints, some plain-that I got from thrift stores and garage sales. On the tables, I had coffee cans (with the labels removed) full of fake yellow flowers that I either got from a thrift store, garage sale, or Michael’s on a major sale. I also put a ribbon around each can. A few of the tables had yellow picture frames with the sheet music to “Oh, Happy Day” in them. I also made a couple of strings of bunting that were hung up. So, as you can see, not a lot in the way of decorations, but just enough so that it looked a little festive.

You can see some decorations in the background of this pic of my cutie-pie cousins

I even bought a couple of those cheap, paper wedding bells just because I think they’re cute.Notice my cotton dress. I changed into that because it was cooler and more comfortable. Unfortunately, I noticed in pictures that it also showed all my lumps and bumps. Oh, well.

The cupcakes were super-cute and I liked how everything looked for the most part. But, being a perfectionist, there are a couple things I would’ve changed had time allowed.

cupcake table

If I had more time before the wedding, I would’ve done something with those plastic cupcake holders. Probably just stuck them under the table. Also, here’s another weird thing that bothers me for some reason.


I don’t know why but chip bags and plastic containers are just upsetting my chi. They are unbalancing my aura. Or something. This is my fault because I didn’t think about it ahead of time. But, no one has everything perfect at their wedding (from what I hear) and if the worst thing that happened was that I forgot to put the chips in bowls then I guess I’m pretty lucky!

And when you are me and this is happening at your reception, you know all is as it should be.

The groom fishing with his brother and best man

So, that’s pretty much the reception decor. Easy and cute. I think. Have a nice day.

Tomorrow, I’ll show you how to not spend a penny on save-the-dates/invites but still make them “you.” And, this is probably when I will unleash all the awesome links on you.






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