Now for the good stuff

25 Jun

Okay, so when I say “tomorrow” sometimes I mean “in a few days when I feel like it.” I am better about sticking to my word when I think anyone really cares. But, since I couldn’t imagine anyone just biting their nails in suspense, I wasn’t too worried.

Anyhoo, I decided not to mail invitations because, for one thing, I didn’t feel like threading that ribbon through six layers of paper like I see everyone else do. For another thing, I am too lazy to find out everyone’s mailing addresses. For yet another thing, do you know how much stamps cost these days? It’s embarrassing, really. So, here’s what I did!

Save the Dates

I just e-mailed everyone! Of course, now you say, “what about those people who don’t have e-mail?” and I say, “This is 2011 and if you don’t have e-mail, I find that very amazing unless you are my grandparents because you’re super old-school in which case, I will just write it down for you.” Someone else told me they’d prefer to have a hard copy, so I suggested just printing it out.


I also made driving directions and an itinerary (itineraries help when you are having a wedding weekend) that I sent as PDF attachments and of course, those were super-cute too. Now you are wondering how I did all this when I don’t own any design software. Which leads to the question, how do I not own design software as a communications grad. But that question is irrelevant so we will ignore it. I did it with the help of an amazing website. And, while we’re at it, here are some other good ones every bride-to-be needs to see.

Green Wedding Shoes

Intimate Weddings 

The Wedding Bee

Once Wed

Ruffled Blog

Offbeat Bride

That’s all I can think of off the top of my head. Now I have to go get ready for my aunt and uncle’s 40th anniversary party! Have a great weekend!


One Response to “Now for the good stuff”

  1. brides2be June 25, 2011 at 8:52 pm # is also a good site to check out. Btw, that’s a cool idea to e-mail invites to your friends. Great cost saving tip.

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