Country sick (not to be confused with country strong)

4 Aug

I feel home sick. But… I’m at home. I think I’m country sick. I think this city’s wearin’ me down. It’s not OKC’s fault, per se. It happened in Stillwater once or twice too.

I start missing dirt roads (God knows why because they rattle your guts and kill your vehicles) and wildlife. I miss rodeos  and wearing starched Cruel Girls with big belt buckles and boots. I miss horses even though I always fall off them. I miss being tired from working hard out in the elements all day (yes, I know I’m extremely lucky I don’t work outside this summer! My heart goes out to y’all that do!). I miss junky old pick-ups. I miss going to town and running into at least five people you know. Yesterday we went for a drive out in Piedmont and I saw four jack rabbits in a field. I stopped the truck in the middle of the road. I thought I was going to cry. Not normally prone to histrionics, this  was a sign. First, it’s a sign that I’m possibly crazy and probably hormonal. Second, it’s a sign that I was raised eleven miles down a dirt road and I got brainwashed. Or heart washed. I gotta find a way to get home.


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