Misty and all her brothers done been to jail

9 Aug

Misty and all her brothers done been to jail

But, hell, they aint no worse off, far as any a’them kin tell


Bobby got popped sellin grass when his kids was small

Cause under pressure that buddy a’his rolled like a ball

Just tryin to make ends meet and not hurtin no one

Everbody thought that buddy damn sure oughta run

He got off with a couple years probation

Wudn’t nothing but a too-short vacation


Verlin wudn’t never real right in the head

Too smart for his own good is what they mostly said

Maybe it was cause he was just such a whiz

But some blamed it on that awful name a’his

Whatever his true problem really was

That boy was always runnin from the fuzz

Just eat up with fast cars and girls

Couldn’t help but take ‘em for a whirl

Mama tried to tell him stealin cars ain’t right

But she never was much a one for a fight


Charlie, he’s the one they all worried about

He’d turn out bad, wudn’t no doubt

Got turned onto meth when he was still a kid

Ended up bein the worst thing he ever did

When you’re high on meth, it ain’t very far

‘Fore ya throw in petty theft and a zanny bar

He got busted enough by the age a eighteen

Charlie started gettin fast and purty mean

It all went down the day that judge called him a liar

He come back for that judge and set his house a’fire


Now Misty was always a’havin to be tough

She was never the purtiest, but not too rough

Gettin tired of what everbody ‘d said about her brothers,

One night she decided to whip them and their sorry mothers

A’course somebody had ta call the law

And that turned into the biggest shoot-out you ever saw

Now, here she’s a’fightin’ over what them boys done

And just so happened Misty had her a gun

That night, it wasn’t Misty, but somebody died

Now she’s in jail, too, even though Mama tried


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