How Pinterest can ruin your day-and possibly your eyebrows.

22 Sep

So. I don’t know if you have heard of this spiffy little website, pinterest, or not. If not, you are really missing some stuff. Especially if you like to make super-fattening, super-intricate and tedious desserts

Like this

and crafts

like this

And wreaths. Oh, you should see the wreaths! Manly men can use it, too. It’s basically a bookmarking site. Anyway, if that description isn’t good enough, figure it out for yourself. This is the internet age, people.So, today, I was thinking how horrendous my skin has been looking lately. I decided to go on pinterest and find a good diy (that means do-it-yourself in case you are ootl {which means “out of the loop” and I just made it up}) face mask. I found a dandy. A dandy, I tell ya!

This mask has only two ingredients: non-flavored gelatin and milk. Amazingly, I had both (because we know I refuse to go to the store for anything less than an entire kitchen re-stock emergency). So I followed the directions (I think) and was just so excited to see my new beautiful and glowing complexion. Although the smell literally made my stomach turn, I just gritted my teeth and imagined how sexy I was going to be. When it was time to remove the mask, I began gently peeling around the bottom edge.

“Oops! Probably shouldn’t have gotten it on my lips, that hurts a little,” I naively thought. “Oh, darn it, I should’ve waxed my upper lip first! Rip it off quick!” And that’s when it went downhill. “Shhhhhcrap! How did I get this junk on the inside of my nose where it latched onto a nose hair? OW!” Next comes, “Oh, cool, there goes about an inch of my hairline! Great! Well, at least no one will think I have sideburns. That’s definitely not a concern now.” And the best part as I was painfully, slowly, carefully peeling upwards: “Eyebrows! What the *&&^%* was I thinking when I swiped this across my brows?! My already thin and blonde brows? Oh, sweet Jesus, please help me figure this out. It hurts.”

And it did. It really, really did hurt. And then, when I finally got the whole, horrible mask off my pink and pulled face, I looked at it. I was hoping to see all the hideous things that were hiding in my skin stuck to that super-glue of a mask. No, not really. Nothing but hair. Mainly eyebrow hair.

Now, I have lovely red, splotchy face skin. Except for the places where pieces of the mask are inextricably stuck, probably for the rest of my life. And there’s still some in my hair. I’m not sure what I’m going to do about that other than maybe cry and pray. Oh, also, the directions tell you to put it on with a disposable utensil and not your fingers. They tell you that for a good reason. I just wish they would also tell you how incredibly dangerous this mask can be. Save yourselves.

But my face does feel kinda soft and smooth now.


2 Responses to “How Pinterest can ruin your day-and possibly your eyebrows.”

  1. AMANDA September 22, 2011 at 4:41 pm #

    thats hilarious !!!!! i know when Lexis reads this she’ll be thinking of me and my eyebrow battles!!!! =)

  2. Crystal Cattle September 28, 2011 at 9:23 am #

    Oh geez! I guess this proves you can’t believe everything you read on the Internet. I wrote about my addiction to pinterest today. I got my Boy on it. He pins pictures of cattle!

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