How to have a beautiful flower bed

19 Oct

Psych! That title was really misleading.

I’m such a bad blogger. I look at my friends’ blogs with pretty pics and graphics and regular posts and then I come here and see sporadic posts with no pictures and a boring layout. And I care for like at least 13 seconds.

I’ve been pretty uninspired to post lately. For one thing, I do not own ONE SINGLE farm animal. This is a tragedy for many reasons, the least of which being that I have absolutely no hilarious stories to tell you. Trust me, when  I get a couple pigs and some chickens, y’all will not be able to tear yourselves away from this site. There’s just not much interesting about the way I can’t keep a flower alive for more than a month and I’m starting to see why my grandma plants fake flowers in her flowerbeds (She really does, I’m going to take a pic one day and show you).

This is how all my flowers look after a week in my care.

So, even though I haven’t been telling you about things, that doesn’t mean they haven’t been happening. I’ve been quite a bit busier with work (which mainly means meetings, meetings and more meetings) and that leaves less time for blogging.

Also, a pretty fascinating thing happened to me at the allergy doctor. Okay, fascinating to me. They wrote like 50 numbers on my back with a marker and then they poked something into each one, and whichever ones turned red, that’s what I’m allergic to (turns out almost all turned red). It was so interesting! I might be missing my calling as an allergy tester. It’s like they get to do experiments on people all day.

Also, another major milestone has happened in my world- the iPhone. Yes, I am now really feeling official. Officially what, I’m not sure. But I’m definitely officially something now. If you have awesome app suggestions, I’m all ears.

Also, I have a bootcamp buddy now! I am very excited to tell you that my girl, Brooke, over at Rural Gone Urban, joined me for bootcamp this morning. At 5:45 this morning. Yeah. Suck on that, fat rolls! Also, we may be attending a rave together soon. Yes, I know we live in Oklahoma. Don’t ask questions.

Also, my wonderful, precious, awesome OKState Cowboys are kickin’ some serious tail in football this year, y’all. SERIOUS tail. Get scared.

Also, it’s almost rifle season. Get scared (I’m looking at you, big deer).

Also, I suck at growing pretty plants. Have a nice freezing cold day.

Seriously. It used to be a fern.


2 Responses to “How to have a beautiful flower bed”

  1. Cathy October 21, 2011 at 9:18 pm #

    Honey, it’s called water…and paying attention to freeze warnings! That mum still has some life though…pinch off the spent flowers, bring the puppy inside for a couple of days/or the entire winter. Water when dry, much like yourself, and say nice things about the darn thing.

  2. Heather @ CrawdadsInMySink October 24, 2011 at 4:39 pm #

    I water them, I swear! I mean, do these things have to drink every day?! This was before any frost! It happens to me all spring and summer, too!

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