Just Jim

3 Nov

Well, how was your Halloween? Mine was spent mostly trying to balance the guilt I felt for not wanting to hand out candy and the high level of how much I really didn’t want to hand out candy. But, I kind of wanted to just leave some on the porch in a bowl- I figured I’d let Jim handle it. “Who is Jim?” you ask. Well, Jim is a little feller that I found at Rink last weekend. My mom and I went there on her birthday and he spoke to me. Really. He said, “You know you want this.” Which I found to be a little creepy considering the sexual undertones, but he was right. I did want this. I just couldn’t stop myself (Kind of like when you accidentally go to a pet store on adoption day and then you try not to look at the dogs in cages but you do and they look so sweet and sad that you end up taking six of them home-or at least you would if your husband didn’t stop you). So, here’s what Jim’s been up to since I brought him into the family.

Just chillin'

He’s hanging out on the porch, holding some flowers in his sweet Riddell shoes. Spencer was super excited when he got home and saw Jim. You could tell by the cuss words that came out of his mouth.

I have big plans for Jim. Someday, I am going to have a house that’s roomy enough to have family gatherings at (Yeah, I just ended that sentence with a preposition. In writing. I ain’t scared.) Then, I will invite people over for every holiday and Jim will be there to serve chips and dip. Or, a veggie tray. I haven’t decided yet.

I mean, who thinks of these things?


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