Real story from a real soldier about real angels. For reals.

8 Nov

Hey, Friends! I got an email yesterday that was really moving. One of Spencer’s coworkers has a son in Afghanistan. Early yesterday morning, the guy got a message from that son. He shared it with us and through my advanced internet creeping skills, I located the son online and asked him if I could share the message. He agreed but simply asked that I remove all names, so I did. Both he and I hope that this true story will bless you the way it has us. I have directly copied and pasted his story. The only edits I made were to remove his name.  Remember, prayer is powerful!

“Hey just wanted to share a story from a buddy of mine who is in another area of afghanistan. I can’t give names, but I’m allowed to tell you all what happened. He was on a mounted patrol in an area that we call “the bad lands”. one of the gunners all of a sudden sees about 3-4 heads looking down from the cliffs overhead. next thing they know all of hellfire is raining down from different fighting positions on both sides of the road (which is nothing more than a rock path that our jeep would have trouble on) stretching for about .5 miles long. looked like something from a cowboy movie when the indians are ambushing group of cowboys. the fire-fight lasted only about 30-40 seconds and all of a sudden the enemy started running away. just picked up and ran. about 2 weeks later a POW was brought in who had confessed to being in that ambush. when asked why they broke contact when they had our boys totally outnumbered he replied with “the big men that got off the truck and started running up the mountain at us”. “We couldn’t kill them, and they had big swords”….the only hole in his story was that NO AMERICANS had dismounted at all. Daddy, remember those guardian and ministering angels that Mr. (I totally forgot his last name) from your office prayed over me. they’re here. all the time.”


One Response to “Real story from a real soldier about real angels. For reals.”

  1. Andie Luttrell Hendricks November 9, 2011 at 9:17 am #

    Awesome Story!! Thanks for sharing!

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