Be the wind beneath her wings

18 Nov

Hey there, friends!

I have decided to do a good deed today. For someone I don’t know. Kind of. Normally, I don’t spam people with vote for this, vote for that crap. Especially not those cutest kid contests. There are just too many.

Buuut, if you want to help someone’s dreams come true, you have a chance to do it in a real easy way today. I’ve got this friend that I went to high school with. I’m pretty sure I haven’t talked to him in about 737939 years but you know how it is with people you grew up with- you wanna help them out. Well. His cute little wife is in this cute little contest where she sings for a chance to win a trip to Nashville and a recording session on music row.

See now, isn't she cute?

And she’s good, y’all. I listened to the top ten and she is a major contender. Right now she’s in sixth place. That’s what made me want to help-sixth place is pretty dang close to first place. Plus, it’s obvious she put a lot more effort into making her video than most of the others did.

Soooooo, all ya gotta do is follow this link and push a little button to vote. You can go back and vote for Katie Keenie each day if you want.

And, once you’ve done that, you can pat yourself on the back for doing your good deed.

Have a great weekend everybody!


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