Peggy Bundy would be proud

12 Dec

I think I feel Crawdads (that’s what I call my blog for short. Isn’t it hip?) slowly slipping into the abyss where all my other blogs (The Feed Lady, Okie In The Know, that myspace one, etc…) now all live. Er, float around haphazardly. Or whatever the standard is in abysses. Abyssi? Or maybe it’s just because there’s so much to say that it’s just overwhelming and so when I think about actually writing about any of it, it makes me want to throw my computer out the window of a farm truck (preferably a 1992 Chevy because those were the best ever) on my way to my new mountain home in Appalachia. Where I will live off the grid.

Anyhoo, since Spencer insists that he can’t be in technical sales in Appalachia because he knows nothing about moonshining equipment, I am stuck here. So, I have decided to face all the monumental things that have happened for me to write about. And by face, I mean to say “mention”, and by all the monumental things, I mean to say “mostly normal insignificant things except for one or two.” So, I’ll just tell you that the monumental include: my dear good friend Tiff, whom I love, got married and we had a wonderful, wonderful time being a part of the wedding. I think I might write more about it later. Also, I had a party with my girlfriends from high school as was our Christmas tradition back then and it was super fun and I love and miss all of them. I will probably tell you about that one day. Maybe. ALSO, MY BELOVED COWBOYS WON BEDLAM, Y’ALL. WON. IT. FLAT OUT WON IT. I don’t think I have words to describe the way this made me feel and I wish there was a picture of Spencer holding me up in the air in celebration after the first touchdown when I almost peed my pants because that might describe it accurately. And we will probably name our first born Bedlam Brown.

Anyway, since I am too lazy (and maybe too much of a perfectionist) to try to write about any of those awesome things, I am going to write about leggings as pants. I have a feeling there are a lot of people out there, probably mostly moms who really don’t approve of this trend. However, I feel like Peggy Bundy would be really  proud (and I have always coveted the size of her hair). I started my love affair with leggings about a year ago. As usual, I am a laggard and always behind in any new trend in fashion or technology. I began by realizing that I could now wear those dresses that I thought were too short if I just put leggings/non-see thru tights under them. It’s a slippery slope, y’all. Before you know it, you’re pairing them with a long sweater that covers your butt and lady area and then it’s not too long until you say “to hell with it” and just put on a button-up man’s shirt and prance around in that and Toms not really giving a crap if your booty jiggle is showing or not. Pretty soon I’ll be at the grocery store in leggings and a skin tight tank top and possibly a scrunchie in my hair. I’m not joking. I’m kind of afraid of my lack of fear.

It's like she's saying "See? I told you they were awesome."

They’re just sooooo comfortable. And they don’t give you a muffin top unlike all those jeans you bought when you were at your lowest weight ever which proved impossible to maintain in real life. I don’t know why I felt so compelled to talk about this. Maybe I’m feeling guilty for making people look at this spectacle that is me and my leggings and so I had to explain. I’m sorry. I love you guys. But I love my leggings even more.


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