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1 Mar

Hola, friends and random internet people! Please don’t mistake that exclamation point for energy. I actually might be on my death bed. My bosses and hubby agreed that I should stay home today so I thought with me sleeping until three pm and all, I could at least write a blog post. I’m not really dying, but my throat really is on fire. So, if you could feel sorry for me, that would be excellent. Now, on to something else.

Spencer and I closed on our first home on Jan 31st. Since then we have been carrying boxes, unpacking boxes, stacking boxes in the front room and having lots of fun buying things likes deep freezes and chain saws.

We are thinking of just using this whole room for trash. Forever.

So, here’s the scoop on the new place. It’s a double-wide trailer (which makes us feel somewhat fancy since we have both spent our fair share of time living in single wides.) Every time I say “double-wide” I have to also mention “Double Wide Blues” by Todd Snider. If you don’t know it, go listen. If you love it, we are probably BFFs. If not, there’s not much hope for our relationship to move forward.

Anyhoo, we bought a place on five wooded acres east of OKC in the thriving metropolis of Newalla. There are deer everywhere. You can stand in the back yard and hear them walking around in the trees. Well, either that or Big Foot. Either way, it’s pretty sweet. You might wonder if Smokey Joe is enjoying all the room to run and play.

Yes, he’s spent a lot of  time frolicking. NOT.

The previous owners left a trampoline which I was really excited about because Spencer has never seen my awesome back hand-spring (which can only be performed on a trampoline) but the tarp is torn. JERKS. They also left a cement mixer. So, yeah.

I got a garden spot tilled up and I’ll be farming before ya know it! At least until I get bored.

I get to get kitties soon. I’m getting two. They shall be called “Biscuit” and “Gravy.”  I just have to find them. When I was a kid, all you had to do was go to Wal-Mart and someone would be out front with a litter but times have changed and I don’t know where to get a free kitten these days.

I’m also getting chickens and possibly guineas. And possibly a turkey and possibly a peacock and some ducks. I don’t know. The feathery possibilities are endless. I just have to wait for Spencer to fix the chicken coop. There was an old metal building that I was going to use but Mr. Perfect didn’t think it was good enough so he tore it down. And it’s definitely not good enough now. Because it’s a pile of rusty metal now. So, when it is fixed and when spring has for sure sprung (because I just don’t think I want to repeat that time where I was brooding baby chicks in my bathtub), we are gonna get all chickened up.

And then. Oh, and then. The blogs will be hilarious.


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