The last week of my life of not being a mom who knows what gender her child is

8 Mar

Don’t you love how succinct and concise my titles are? Next Friday we get to find out if I’m going to be a mother or father. Er, well, you know what I mean.

This is all becoming pretty real to me at this point. Honestly, I have had such an easy pregnancy so far that I haven’t really felt pregnant. Just like I ate too many Frito chili pies. With a LOT of cheese. And while I’m super-excited about this baby, I haven’t really felt connected to it. It’s just hard for me to imagine if I don’t know whether to picture a boy or girl. When I try to picture myself holding a baby, instead of a baby, I just see a sweet potato or something equally disturbing.

So, I really expect all that to change in a week. I mean, we will actually have to start considering names instead of saying things like, “How about Thunderbird? I like it. T-bird Brown. Sounds good.”

At this point, you may be one of those incredibly strong and patient people who says, “Why not just wait until the baby’s born to find out the sex?” Well, to that I say: “Because that’s in August. Which is five months away.” Yeah, I could never stand the suspense.

I went to Target today and saw a lady struggling to get a baby and toddler into a wet cart (it rained today) and thought to myself just how much I need to cherish my trips to the store without any little leeches stuck to my sides. Then I saw another lady trying to push a cart and feed her kid something that looked suspiciously like barf. Then I had a panic attack and curled into the fetal position and cried for nine hours. Not really, but it just made me realize how easy my life is right now. And I highly suspect that after next Friday, my mind will become singularly obsessed with the little alien in my belly. So, I have decided to enjoy my last week of carefree, selfish life. I think I’ll celebrate with a drink. Nice soothing cup of green tea, anyone? (OMG who am I? Someone please help me!)


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