Don’t hate me because I’m fancy

26 Apr

Well. I am really moving up in the world. I don’t know if you have heard, but I’m now driving a vehicle whose model falls within the 21st century. I know. Try to remain calm. Spencer and I have been watching the ‘ole CL (that’s Craigslist) for deals on a more momish car for me. I was actually really shocked by the number of people who felt the need to counsel me on not driving my kid around in Black Betty. Or Midnight Thunder. Or whatever other absurd name I’m calling the Honda on any given day. I mean, I know I do some goofy unorthodox things, but really. I know that a car seat can’t fit in that thing. And a car seat plus Smokey’s big butt is just out of the question. So, yesterday we bought this beaut.

Okay, not this exact one. I don't have a lake at my house to park in front of at sunset.

Yes, it’s 12 years old but it only has 118K miles and guess what…it’s paid for, Baby! That’s right, we are pretty sure we have seen the last of our car loan days. At least, that’s the plan. And that’s a plan that feels pretty dang good.

In other news related to being fancy, I have just learned of a great betrayal. Apparently, Little Miss Reba is (or was?) an anti-gun activist. Um, yeah. Let that soak in for a minute. Yes, she is the one who sang about killing her brother’s unfaithful wife in “The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia.” I think the exact line was “His cheatin’ wife never left town/And that’s one body that’ll never be found/Ya see, little sister don’t miss when she aims her gun…” Also, she’s from Oklahoma. Plus, she was in Annie Get Your Gun.

That gun was pretty handy when those underground worm beasts came after you in "Tremors," huh?

So, it came as quite a shock when my pal Drew, who has tickets to see her soon, told me that he heard a nasty little rumor. We did some googling and found multiple stories about when she traded concert tickets for turned-in guns. Granted, this was in 1994 but I don’t care. I’m droppin’ her like a bad habit (I’m sure she cares). Not cool, Reba, not cool. I’m not even one of those people who thinks you have to agree with an artist on everything in order to enjoy their music (hello, Whitney Houston?). But this. This is more than I can take.


One Response to “Don’t hate me because I’m fancy”

  1. caa323 April 26, 2012 at 10:55 am #

    Dang it until I read this post she was on my list of famous Oklahomans I actually like and it is a short list. Now Will Rogers is on there by himself.

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