Well, that’s enough of that

12 Jul

Well, so, yeah. This is becoming a mommy blog. I can’t help it. I have nothing else to talk about. My world revolves around my ginormous belly these days. Obviously I’m going to have to change the slogan at the top of this page. Now it’s neither awesome nor kid-free. I really wanted to avoid making every post about the baby, especially since the baby isn’t even born yet. But, I have found that anything I’ve wanted to get off my chest lately is about the baby. So, that’s that.

When I got pregnant, I vowed to be honest about pregnancy, post-par tum stuff and being a new mama. That’s because everyone always acts so dang joyful about it and, really, I mean, how joyful can it be when you are sleep deprived, leaking milk and blood, have unstable hormones and a house full of people? Obviously, my biggest fears have always been about the newborn period. It just doesn’t seem fun. But, I’m still not there yet so I will fill y’all in when I am.

For the moment, though, I feel obligated to share my feelings about the last part of pregnancy. I have been pretty open here and with my friends and family about my pregnancy so far. I’ve had no issues, everything’s normal and actually, it really hasn’t been too bad (except for that one day when I had a nervous breakdown about my weight). In fact, I have kind of felt like a super star of baby growing. Like, maybe I should get a trophy or something because my body apparently has a natural talent for this. Seriously, we got pregnant basically as soon as we started trying, no morning sickness, no mood swings (Really!), the ability to continue exercising, perfect blood pressure and basically everything else. So, pretty much I had decided that everyone else is just really over dramatic and kind of wimps because pregnancy is not really that difficult. I will make two exceptions to the pretty much otherwise easyness of being preggers.

1. I did have MAJOR fatigue throughout the first and third trimesters. I think one reason is that since I have such awesomely low blood pressure normally, it got a little too low for me to have any energy at times during pregnancy. Seriously, at my first OB appointment at 10wks it was 90/54. My blood was traveling through my veins kind of like the water in the Lazy River at White Water does. I’m obviously the calmest person on Earth.

2. I have to pee constantly. Incessantly. Continually. It’s not really a problem other than it’s just so dang annoying. I was one of those small bladder people anyway before I got knocked up, though. It’s been way worse lately. I’m talking once an hour at night. This has got to be a contributing factor to the fatigue.

Other than that, I have had minor annoyances but nothing to really moan about.

Anyway, since I’ve been walking around all smug about how good I am at being pregnant, I now feel convicted to tell you that I am done being good at it. I am OVER IT. Do you see those capital letters? They are intended to signify that I do not like the last 6 weeks of pregnancy. NOT ONE LITTLE BIT.

For one thing, I feel like I have a bowling ball resting precariously on my pelvis and it’s just waiting to fall out. Possibly right out my butt. The exhaustion has returned. The peeing is just out of control. This is why it’s great to hang out in the pool. I can pee as much as I want without having to stop what I’m doing. Just kidding. Or am I? I am as huge as a house. I feel like an obese 80 year old. I have to roll out of bed. Thank heavens it’s summer time because my feet will only fit in flip-flops. I have two pairs of stretchy shorts that fit. If you expect to see me wearing anything else, you’re outta luck. Basically, I’m just very tired and very uncomfortable. Which is making me very cranky and antisocial. So, I thought I should share this because I have a lot of friends who may decide to get pregnant in the next few months/years and would like to know what to truthfully expect.

You can expect the unexpected, I guess. I know not everyone has an easy pregnancy and I do feel very lucky. Also, I kind of feel like maybe I’m actually a big pansy and so God gave me an easy pregnancy because it’s all I could handle. Who knows. But, since I have been going around encouraging everyone that pregnancy is not so bad, I would now like to tell you that the last part is pretty annoying. And I’m fairly certain it is for everyone. Except for this jerk.

pic borrowed from fitpregnancy.com

When I saw this, I wanted to find her and slap her. If you know this woman, please forward me her contact information.


One Response to “Well, that’s enough of that”

  1. Katy July 16, 2012 at 9:20 am #

    Love it! I agree with every single thing you said! I feel like we basically had the exact same pregnancy!!!!! However, I did tell Korey that I thought I was going to die yesterday… truth. I really thought there was a chance. 🙂

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