Jack Attack número uno

18 Sep

Well, I feel like writing something today so I think maybe it would be a good time to write something. See how structured I am?!

You already know what I’m going to write about. I can’t help it. And to employ one of Spencer’s favorite phrases, “here’s why (he likes to explain things)”: 1) I haven’t left the house since Saturday. In the past, the only reason that would happen would be that I had the flu. No, I always get the flu shot. Okay, if I had strep throat. So, if you stay at home, your pool of writing material WILL be limited. 2) He’s so dang cute. I mean, really. He is sitting in a baby chair laughing at a toy turtle that’s hanging from the top of the chair. That’s cute to the millionth degree.

I thought maybe I should be one of those organized moms who makes a post at regular age intervals so that we could remember. Um, but I’m not. So here’s the random 7 week and two day update.

Since everyone is obsessed with how much babies weigh, I stood on the scale and held Little Baby Jack and then subtracted my alone weight. I’m sure it’s super accurate (not) and he now weighs 12 pounds. He was born at 6lbs 12oz so obviously he gets his ability to gain weight from his mother. I should’ve weighed him before I changed that last diaper. Seriously.

His main accomplishments so far in life are only waking up once at night now and rolling over at three weeks. Smokey is not too sure why that was so exciting. It’s because they tell you that a baby born early will usually develop that much later for the first year or so. So that means that since he was born three weeks early, if he had been born on time, he would’ve been able to roll over as soon as he was born. Right?

He’s a very nice little boy who is pretty easy to get along with. All he asks for in life is a boob every few hours, some cuddles and a pacifier. He rarely cries (honestly like one minute per day combined) which is a definite blessing from God I have no doubt because noises bother me so bad. Especially loud screaming noises. I am so relieved. When he wants my attention he grunts and chirps until I appear. He’s pretty emotionally stable. I think he’s very suspicious of us. He’s always looking out the corner of his eye like he thinks we are trying to pull one over on him. His favorite song is “Hush, Little Baby” and I’m being totally serious. He does not “get” the peek a boo game yet. It’s totally beyond his comprehension at this point.

We have now left him with someone else twice. Once with Aunt Mel for a few hours after bed time and on Saturday he stayed with Spencer’s mom, brother and brother’s lady friend while we watched the game and went to a cookout. My mom is taking him Friday night while we go watch Robert Earl Keen at Riverwind. I did not freak out when I left him so that’s good. I did miss him on Saturday but he’s not mature enough for the Copper Penny yet. Also, I had to drink coffee and two redbulls to get through that day. I think we may have over estimated ourselves on that one.

He finds blogging extremely boring.



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