Top 10 reasons not to work out after you have a baby

22 Oct

Here are my favorite excuses reasons not to work out. I thought maybe admitting it would help. That’s what they call the first step, right?

1. You will pee your pants
2. Your feet expanded and now your tennis shoes squish your toes.
3. You don’t want to see all that flab flopping around.
4. You’re tired.
5. Napping baby time could be used to drink coffee and write blog posts.
6. Do they even make a bra that can hold these things still?
7. You might give yourself a heart attack and then the baby would be all alone and helpless until your husband got home from work (seriously, these are the psycho thoughts I have).
8. Your whole body STILL aches.
9. You’re dehydrated from breast feeding no matter how much water and Gatorade you drink. Sweating will make it worse.
10. The peeing your pants thing again. That’s how uncool it is.

UGH. I’m going to go do my stupid workout now. And probably pee my pants. And get sore toes (yes, I need to go shoe shopping).


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