30 things

23 Oct

Well, after a week or two of happy peacefulness, a demon has possessed my baby. He missed his afternoon nap yesterday because I had to go to the grocery store and now he’s so hyper-aware that he can’t sleep through any activity. We had a horrible time from 5pm to 11:30pm at which point he basically fainted from exhaustion and at which point I chugged a glass of Franzia. It doesn’t sound so bad until you consider the fact that it was 6 1/2 hours long. That’s almost a full work day of trying to keep a baby from killing you and setting your house on fire. He apparently is going through a growth spurt or a developmental leap or getting teeth or losing his dang mind. I don’t know but he has SCREAMED at me twice in the last two days which is very upsetting because he has never screamed before. The first time I thought something was hurting him and stripped him naked to look to see if there was a wasp or something in his diaper while Spencer laughed at me. This is one of the most difficult things about having a baby for me. We cant communicate very well with each other. I don’t know what he wants or what is bothering him. It’s very stressful. You feel sorry for the baby because he’s obviously distressed but also you feel sorry for yourself because what did you ever do to deserve this?!

So, this morning, in between putting him back to sleep every 13 seconds (for his morning nap which he usually sleeps great for two hours for) I was reading up on babies. Because I’m a control freak and knowledge is power. Well, it is, y’all. So, while perusing one of the best sites ever on baby sleep, Troublesome Tots, I found this hilarious and true list of 30 things about parenting that movies and tv shows never tell you. Be advised, it contains the F word.


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