Follow-up to “Hard Things”

11 Nov

Yesterday morning I went to an abolitionist conference in Norman. That’s what the group working to end abortion is calling themselves-abolitionists. They are drawing some surprisingly accurate parallels between the anti-slavery movement and the anti-abortion movement. They are not just pro-lifers. Abolitionists feel that the pro-life movement has been failing for forty years, or at least moving much too slowly. They are immediatists and they are Christians. Because they are Christians, they rightly conclude that they have NO CHOICE but to fight against abortion with all they have. And if you call yourself a Christian, then neither do you.

I’m still working on what my part in this is. I’m praying, thinking, absorbing and learning. But I can’t take too long. 3500 babies are killed every day in this country. I expect to offend people, but please remember that is not my goal. I want to love everyone but going along with lies and immorality isn’t loving.

I haven’t been exposed enough to say that I think the abolitionists are doing everything right. But they are doing something. Are you?

For now, here is a resource to help you learn about the abolitionists and what they are doing. There is also information at the middle of the page about how you can get started fighting abortion today. It appears that the best weapon is knowledge and information. So many people are misinformed about not only fetal development but also what actually occurs during an abortion. I encourage you to look online at pictures of abortions. It’s not fun. In fact, it’s totally disturbing and sickening. Which is the whole point. Maybe you need to see that to be motivated to action. Every person, pro-life or pro-abortion, should look at these pictures so that they can say they have made an informed decision. If you are pro-abortion and you don’t have the courage to look at those pictures, then you’re a coward. So, step one: Get educated.

Go do something, y’all.


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