To crib or not to crib

13 Nov

My mom, sister and I were talking yesterday and we have come to a revolutionary conclusion. Future moms, you will thank me for this: there is no need to buy a crib. Seriously. Get a pack n play with a bassinet and it could last until they go to a toddler bed. They’re way more versatile and if you have a scooting, flopping baby, they won’t bang their heads or stick their limbs through the rails. Also, I’m short and it’s nearly impossible for me to put LBJ down without waking him up because I have to lift him up and over the rails. And my niece got her knee stuck in the rails last time she was here and I had to yank it out. That was fun. You will probably still buy a crib so you can fulfill your fantasy of the perfect nursery. But one day you will think, “Dang, I should’ve listened to Heather and saved $500 (or $1500 depending on your level of extravagance). She’s so smart!” Or something like that.

On an unrelated to cribs but still related to babies note, I have some more things you can do to help battle abortion (besides reading and learning). Visit this site and donate! I have linked to the adoption share program page but there are other ways to help, so look around the site.

Next, if you are a member of a church, see about having the abolitionists come give a presentation. They are well-educated and can talk from a Biblical perspective about how and why churches can and should be more involved. This is a great way to light a lot of fires under a lot of butts at once!

That’s all I’ve got today!


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