I do care

28 Nov

It has been brought to my attention by a sweet friend that I am coming across as not compassionate towards those who have had abortions. This is unfortunate because I actually feel a lot of compassion for them. So, allow me to clear a few things up.

1. I know that it is a hard decision and that very few people take it lightly or make it casually. I never said it was easy but apparently it seems to some that I assumed it was. (I do, however, believe there are a lot of women who are uneducated and who do not truly realize what is happening inside their bodies at each stage). However, whether it is a hard decision or an easy one, it is still abortion. The fact that you agonized over it first doesn’t change whether it is right or wrong.

2. I know that it may be painful for someone who has chosen abortion to read the things I write here. There’s not much I can do about that. I do not wish to cause anyone pain. If you have had an abortion and are now struggling with that decision, please visit this site or contact Rachel’s Vineyard. I will have a future post discussing the potential effects of abortion on a woman and more resources for those who have aborted and now regret it and for those who are thinking of aborting but are not sure.

I have also been accused of voicing my “opinion” too often and too loudly (I’m not sure what the right amount would be…) but it’s not my opinion. It’s medical science that abortion kills a living human. I think we all agree that killing humans is wrong. So, if you want to believe that an unborn baby is not a human, then I guess you are allowed to do that. But THAT is an opinion that can’t be backed up by facts. As is common to say at the Capitol, you are entitled to your own opinion but you are not entitled to your own facts. I would ask you at what point you think an unborn baby does become a human?

It has also been assumed that I support the death penalty (I do not) and that I am against the morning-after pill (I am not).

Those are some of the reasons why I feel nervous and sick and sad when I write about abortion. Because I want to use soft, smooth words and make everyone feel good. But I want to say things that are true and direct more. My friend also indicated that I might not be wording my opinions in a very Christian-like way. I hope that’s not the case and is only her misunderstanding. I never claim for the things I write to be God-breathed or divinely inspired. I am a Christian and I do want to represent Christ in a way that pleases him even though I don’t always succeed. I think some people may feel that it would be Christ-like to be “nice” and to avoid saying something that might hurt people’s feelings. Trust me, I want to be nice and not offend anyone. I never write things with malice in my heart. I haven’t written anything that I know of to be mean or untrue (if you disagree, please let me know). The problem is, the truth will offend people because it’s harsh. And it is never loving to sugar-coat things and make them seem not so bad. That takes away people’s power to respond to the situation for what it is and forces them to respond to what the facade is.

It is more loving to speak the truth, not with the intention of hurting, but with the intention of helping people to see the truth. I cannot help it if it’s painful to look at.

I have come into this with a heavy heart because I know it will cause me to lose friends. Words are being put in my mouth and I have no doubt that I’ve been blocked from A LOT of people’s news feeds recently. That’s one reason I put it off so long. But I have finally submitted and I cannot ignore it any longer. It makes me feel sad but I have to do it.

Someone has told me that I changed their mind about abortion because they just never thought about it from all angles. It’s not that I changed their mind, it’s that I brought it up and got them to think about it for themselves. That person aided in an abortion in the past. The victory that comes from their mind being changed is that they will never aid in another one and they may also help change a mind or two. Often people just think that if it’s legal then it must not be so bad. Remember that slavery was legal. The things Hitler did were legal. Roe of Roe v. Wade herself is now working to overturn that decision because she now admits it was all based on a lie.

I do have friends who I know have had abortions. I bet I have some who I don’t know have had abortions. I love you either way. But I disagree with your decision and I will do what I can figure out to do to keep women from making the same decision in the future. A lot of that is going to mean being honest about the realities of abortion and about what really happens. I wish being honest and being polite could be the same thing.


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