Best day ever

6 Dec

Well. I am just on a roll today. Here are the two best parts:

1.) Flashed the mail lady (that kinda sounds like an oxymoron. Good thing we have spelling to let you know that I’m talking about the person who delivers my fan mail bills.) Full on. Got out of the shower, went to let Smokey in and opened the door right when she pulled up to our mailbox. I jumped over to the side of the door when I saw her (I’m sure my post baby body jumping was a lovely sight.) But it was too late, she’d done been mooned (Ray Stevens reference). Oh, well. At least it was a lady? In my defense, I live down a dead end dirt road and hardly anyone passes my house during the day. That’s why I feel free to approach my storm door buck naked. Dumb, I know. I fully expect her to request a new route now.

2.) After sexually harassing the mail lady, I came into the living room to discover a real nice pile of Smokey barf. What the heck, Smokey?! You couldn’t at least make it to the tile? You couldn’t have done that outside? Sheesh.

3.) Oh, there’s now a #3. Went to check on LBJ in the middle of writing this and walked right through the wet spot on the carpet where I cleaned up the puke. In my socked feet. Awesome.


Enjoy your day.


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