My word, the internet is so weird

18 Dec

I’ve been having a battle with myself about the internet lately- especially since Friday. I have this urge compulsion to not only know what’s going on in the world (when you’re a stay at home mama, the internet really makes this so much easier) but to also argue set the record straight debate discuss when I think inaccurate information is being dispersed. And that happens a bunch on social media sites. I don’t care if you have a dumb opinion. If we are friends and you have a dumb opinion, I’ll probably never discuss it with you. But, I start getting worried when you are posting your dumb opinion all over the internet and other people who can’t think for themselves are reading it and taking it as fact. That’s why I have to comment. And, I really don’t want to. Trust me, arguing makes me tired. I don’t actually enjoy it. I just feel duty-bound to present logic, statistics and facts. Am I wrong sometimes? Obviously. But at least I’ve put some thought into it instead of just parroting what I heard on my favorite biased news program (I don’t really watch cable news. It’s all terrible.). All I want for Christmas is for people to actually stop, take a quiet minute and think. When you decide what your position is, ask yourself why. If the only reason you can think of is that it’s the one that feels good, that should be a problem.

Now, onto why I think the internet is so weird. CBS Morning News just had Rahm Emmanuel, the mayor of Chicago, on their program to discuss gun control. This would be hilarious if it weren’t so scary. So, I have the need to scream loudly for everyone to hear that Chicago has super-restrictive gun control laws. They also have a super-high gun violence problem. Like, real high. So, why the crap does anyone want to listen to this FAILURE on what America should do with guns? Back in the day, I would probably just have to write a letter to the editor and hope they even printed it. But now, I can log onto Twitter, type up a message and send it directly to both CBS Morning News and Rahm Emmanuel. Also, all my followers can see it and so can anyone who explores #guncontrol. That’s crazy.

So, whilst I was doing that, I clicked on my new followers. Tulsa World Sports and Cold Stone Creamery are my two newest followers. Um, okay…I really like OSU football but I barely understand it and I’m totally  lost on any other sport. And, I do love ice cream but does Cold Stone Creamery know that about me? They aren’t even my weirdest followers, just the most recent weird ones. Also, I’ve had direct conversations with major OKC news personalities. My most major Twitter accomplishment, though, is that James McMurtry follows me. That’s right, Mr. Choctaw Bingo himself. So, I want to know, what’s some crazy stuff that’s happened to you on Twitter?

P.S. Yes, I am working on a post to combat all the ridiculous, untrue and inaccurate information floating around right now. But it depresses me so I’m taking it slow.


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