My inevitable response

21 Dec

Ugh. I did not want to have to write about this. But, since people won’t let me have any space where I don’t have to hear about it, I’ve obviously had some things to say. And this is where I say things. My thoughts:

1. I appreciate friends who can remain friends even if we disagree on issues. Also, feel free to not read my blog or unsubscribe from my fb updates if you want. No one’s forcing this discussion on you.

2. I’m glad everyone is outraged about the recent murders. I’m also confused as to why people are not equally as outraged about the legal, daily murder of thousands of children by abortion in this country. The only thing I can come up with is that they don’t know what abortion is. Don’t be like that. If you’re pro-choice, look up how they do the procedure. View some images of aborted babies. At least you’ll know what you’re talking about when you’re arguing in favor of death. From a Facebook post of a former Planned Parenthood Director:

“I watched a child fight for his life in his mother’s womb. I watched him curl up his body in an attempt to protect himself from the abortion instrument. I watched him attempt to move away and try to find a safe place. Then I watched his body twist and turn like you would ring out a dishcloth. I watched his arms and legs detach from his body. I watched as his perfectly formed backbone crumbled underneath the powerful suction.”

Is that okay with you? Just don’t shoot them after they’re born? If you got mad at me for posting that quote above, ask yourself why. Is it because it made you cringe? Is it because you don’t want to picture that? I know I don’t. But, we have to face reality if we are going to improve this world.

3. Stricter gun laws aren’t successful at reducing gun violence in this country. I could post a thousand links, but I’m sure by now you know how to use Google. Just look up statistics. It’s all there. People are disgusted and they want to feel like they’re doing something to prevent mass shootings in the future. That’s why they jump to gun control. To the uninformed, on the surface it seems like the logical thing to do. It just isn’t, though. Notice this clip is from ABC’s 20/20- hardly a bastion of conservatism.

4. There are some efforts to arm teachers and administrators. Personally, I would feel much better about Jack being looked after by someone who could protect him if they needed to. If you aren’t comfortable with these efforts, I would ask you to consider that if you don’t trust your child’s teachers with a gun, should you be sending your kid to be with them all day anyway- gun or no gun? What Oklahomans need to know about the proposed legislation in our state is that it would require teachers and administrators to be CLEET certified and none would be forced to pack heat. I’ve seen too many parents freaking out saying that teachers aren’t well-trained enough to be trusted with weapons and too many teachers freaking out that they might be forced to carry a gun. So, that should make everyone feel better, at least.

5. The president wants your guns. All of them. He will start out incrementally. Maybe you won’t fight for high-capacity magazines or semi-automatic rifles because you don’t have them and don’t care to. But don’t be surprised when they’re coming for what you do have. Speaking of a confiscation, how would that work, do you think? I’m assuming we would all be told to bring our guns and turn them in at a designated location or else face jail. But, how would they know if we turned them all in or not? Would they search every home? I don’t tend to think that most law enforcement officers or military members would comply with that. For one thing, most of them are gun owners and for another, it would be a suicide mission. So, what would happen then? A civil war? Maybe. And what would happen then? A UN invasion claiming humanitarian justification or some other malarkey? Maybe. I don’t know and I don’t want to find out.

6. Speaking of high-capacity magazines: A ban is likely to include magazines with a capacity of ten or more. Ten bullets. High-capacity? Really. Well, if a legal magazine can only hold, say, 5 bullets, you can say goodbye to the warning shot. No one is going to risk wasting a bullet that they may need to protect themselves. Plus, it really doesn’t take long to switch magazines. 2 seconds, maybe, for the practiced shooter. That’s not going to stop someone who has planned out an attack from having a bunch of magazines and just switching them real quick. And the victims of a lunatic aren’t going to know if he has a high-capacity magazine or if he’s going to have to switch. So, that two seconds probably won’t help anybody. It will be quick and easy for the criminal who has planned out his attack (and who probably wouldn’t be alone in a home invasion situation), but not so much for the homeowner awakened in the middle of the night by a window breaking down the hall from his kid’s room who is trying to change magazines in the dark. High-cap magazines are also important for civil disturbances. During the Rodney King riots, Korean store owners kept looters at bay with semi-auto AKs.

6. For those of you calling for a ban on assault rifles, I could write for days. But, I’ll keep it as short as possible. First, do you even know what an assault rifle is? Automatic weapons are already illegal. Semi-automatic weapons can include not only rifles but shotguns and handguns as well. The 2nd Amendment does not exist to protect hunters’ rights. Yes, when it was adopted, the weapons were single-shot muzzle loaders. But guess what- that’s also what law enforcement and military would have had access to then. You think the forefathers would believe it is a good idea for the citizens to be armed with single-shot muzzle loaders while the government is trooping around with modern weapons?

7. Does anyone else find it ironic that the President is calling for a gun ban while surrounded by armed guards? He should be protected but our children and public shouldn’t be?

8. I don’t think there’s much the government can legislate to prevent another mass shooting. This writer for the Daily Beast agrees. Check out this article to read why. That’s so much easier than me writing it. There’s a pretty unrealistic suggestion at the end that maybe people should be taught to gang rush shooters. Well, that might work if human nature would allow it. But, it’s not going to happen. Instinct is to run and take cover so she’s a little off-base on that one but she’s right about why we can’t do much as far as regulations go.

9. Drunk drivers kill a whole bunch of people. I don’t hear anyone wanting to ban alcohol. Maybe it’s because prohibition didn’t work? But a gun ban would? hmmm…

10. For everyone who felt scared to send your kid to school, I have a question. I realize I get to keep my baby with me and so maybe I just don’t know what it feels like. Also, I realize it’s only instinctive to have that fear after what just happened. But, shouldn’t you have been more afraid of your child’s ride to and from school than of what might happen while they were there? It’s sooo much more dangerous for a child to be traveling in a vehicle than it is to be in a school building. It’s probably not too bad if you live right down the road from school. But I realize I’m taking both of our lives into my own hands when I get on the interstate with 16 year-olds who are texting and driving 75 miles an hour. When you think about it logically, it’s a pretty stupid thing to do just to go out to eat or shop. But, I digress.

11. This one’s going to hurt some feelings but I have to say, this country has a big problem with absentee fathers and dads not being there on a day-to-day basis. I’m not blaming all these cowardly, crazy, sick, pathetic pukes of human beings on dads being gone. But, it can’t help.

12. If you are one to say, “Well, the UK banned guns and this doesn’t happen there,” you need to do some homework. In the UK, non-gun violence has sky-rocketed. Violent crime there is 4x what it is here. Presumably because the criminals aren’t afraid the victims might shoot. Same for Australia. Here are some numbers from Australia since the gun ban: Armed robberies are up 69%, assaults with guns are up 28%, gun murders are up 19% and home invasions are up 21%.

Plus, we aren’t them. Americans have an inherent sense of how important it is to protect yourself from a tyrannical government. We won’t go willingly. And, whether you like it or not, if your heritage goes back to the Revolution, you have some rebel in you. Some fight-for-what’s-right in your blood. Embrace it, please. It’s a good thing.

I’m sick over what happened last Friday. I’m tired of hearing that if you’re against gun control then you’re insensitive and uncaring about this tragic event. I can’t fathom what the families must be feeling. This isn’t about being a macho right-wing conservative. It’s about our rights as Americans. Gun control opponents aren’t the ones who made this a platform to talk about gun control. We are just responding to the attack.

In related news, if Big Brother is monitoring my internet activity I am definitely on somebody’s list now.


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