Jack attack numero tres

5 Jan

Y’all didn’t know I could hablo espanol so good, didja? Alrighty, Mr. Jack is now five months old and I happen to have a minute (even though I should probably definitely be vacuuming up the needles my Christmas tree shed instead of writing, but you know, documenting babyhood is important).


Around the four-month mark, this kid really became a human. Before that, he was a newborn. Newborns don’t really do that much. Now, he is on the move like Honey Boo Boo Child on Go-Go Juice (Mtn Dew with pixie sticks poured in). He is rolling all over the place which pretty much makes laying him on a blanket pointless when he’s playing on the floor but I still do it anyway.

We have tried a little bit of food but we’re pretty much holding off. He had a psycho sleep regression in there where I was pretty much more exhausted than when he was a newborn. It was terrible. Anyway, during that escapade I decided to give him some rice cereal to see if it would help hold him over longer at night. I had planned to wait until six months to introduce solids (based on current AAP recommendations and my own laziness) but plans really go out the window when you are desperate for sleep. He didn’t take too well to the rice cereal (apparently it wasn’t very tasty) so we waited a week or two and then gave him some oatmeal. Well. That was just a big ‘ole mess. He was trying to grab the spoon and shove it in his mouth and we both ended up covered in oatmeal. And he didn’t sleep longer. So, we waited another week or two and I mushed up some carrots to let him try. At this point everyone I know was asking me what all he was eating and I started to question whether I should be waiting or not. So, the carrots went the same way as the oatmeal and based on what his carrot diaper looked like, I don’t think he actually digested any of it. So, now we are waiting again. He’ll be six months on the 28th and I guess I really have to get on the solid train then. I’m not excited about baby food. I’m excited for finger food that he can feed himself. I did start giving him a bottle of formula every night right before bed (well, usually Spence does it-he’s the best dad ever, btw) because A.) He wanted to eat every five seconds and I was about to die B.) My freezer stash was all used up and C.) I know it takes longer to digest and reasoned that maybe he could last longer at night. It worked. Hallelujah! He likes it just fine and it takes some pressure off me so I’m happy about that. He has grown a lot lately and I don’t know if he just had a natural growth spurt or if it’s the formula but I tend to think the formula is chunking him up.

In other developmental news, he is able to sit up if I hold a hand on him for balance. If he tries to lean to reach something (let’s be honest, he’s always reaching for something) he topples right on over. But I think he’ll have that mastered pretty soon. He is trying soooo hard to crawl. It’s pretty funny. He’s desperate to get places. He gets up on all fours and then moves his legs but keeps his hands in the same place so he tips over. Half the time he also has a toy in one hand while attempting this. I’m thinking he probably won’t be able to get that down until he has enough balance to sit up unassisted. He’s very frustrated because he knows what he wants to do, he just can’t get it done. He seems like a pretty determined little feller. He also gets bored very quickly so we spend our days rotating room to room and toy to toy.

Jack loves cups, smart phones (no, the old Nokias do not interest him-I tried) and remote controls with colored buttons. He’s getting very demanding that he be given any of these three things anytime he sees them. He loves Smokey but Smokey is somewhat indifferent about Jack. He sniffs him a few times a day but that’s about as much interest as he can muster.

It's blurry because it's an action shot. And it was taken with a phone. These two are very wiggly.

It’s blurry because it’s an action shot. And it was taken with a phone. These two are very wiggly.

He has spent the night at both grandma’s houses and been a good boy both times. He’s still snugly and easy to get along with 98% of the time. We are best buds.


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