I’m an old lady party pooper. And I’m fine with that.

4 Feb

Half-time show commentary last-night in the Brown home:

Me: Oh, my gosh! My head is going to explode!
Spence: chuckles (apparently knows what’s coming)
Me: She is wearing lingerie! Does she buy her performance costumes at Frederick’s of Hollywood?! Do you think Jay-Z is cool with this?! Blu Ivey is gonna be so embarrassed one of these days. Well, probably not. I would be, though.
Spence: Yep.
Me: She is touching her crotch and licking her lips! Geez, good luck to all the people with kids who are watching this! I mean, is this how idiotic we have become? Women have to dress like prostitutes and dance like strippers to be entertaining? How degrading! Whatever happened to singing a good song well? She’s too pretty to act so tacky. I mean, if you go to her concert, you’re probably expecting it but a football game should be more family-friendly! Oh, gosh! My grandparents are probably watching this! Ugh!
Spence: People don’t think about whether it’s actually entertaining. It’s supposed to be entertaining so they assume it is.

He’s a man of few words, ladies and gents. But he knows what he’s sayin’.


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