Losing the baby weight and Facebookin’

19 Feb

I joined the gym on February first. I was pretty excited because I found one with supervised child care. I used to be able to work out during Jack’s naps but now his naps are shorter, fewer and more unpredictable. Also, when your kid isn’t sleeping (which was month 3, 4 and 5), you really don’t give a crap about exercising. Or living. So, this is good. That sweet husband of mine told me I’m already getting skinnier. What an encourager he is. I also started this dang Body By Vi shake diet. UGH. I’m starving. Basically, it’s a meal replacement and I’m doing it for breakfast and lunch. I have to because at seven months post-partum, breast feeding has just not resulted in ANY weight loss. AT ALL. I don’t want to discourage any future moms out there who keep being told that bfing will melt the pounds because apparently it does for many. But not me. Shocking. I’ve been avoiding cutting calories significantly because that can result in your milk supply drying up and also because cutting calories sucks. But, Jack gets supplemented with formula now and does just fine on it so while I hope to continue bfing, it’s a risk I’m willing to take to not have the house shake when I walk. Anyhoo, I’ll keep ya posted on how the Visalus treats me. My very skinny sister assures me that I will get used to it in a few days and not be hungry.  But I don’t really trust skinny people. The only problem I’m having so far (yes, I’m only on day two) besides starving is that to make a shake, I have to run the blender. This is a problem because I usually eat when Jack is sleeping because he yells at me and tries to steal my food. It’s not a relaxing experience. Therefore, I’ve been making my shakes in the bathroom (so that it doesn’t wake the baby) thanks to the good thinking of my sister (maybe she is a skinny person we can trust after all). Is that hygienic? Probably not. But, I am the one who peed in an Integris parking garage in the broad daylight recently so I think we are past the point of hygiene.

Side note: I just thought I saw a black bear at the edge of our woods and then I realized it was Smokey.

Also, I am on the social media A LOT. I’m not sure why but I feel the need to explain. Probably because I’m afraid everyone thinks I’m laying around in my PJs eating bon bons and playing on Facebook while Spencer slaves his life away.  Actually, I’m sitting on the floor with my phone either breastfeeding, supervising Jack feeding himself solids to make sure he doesn’t choke or supervising him playing on the floor and trying to prevent him from hitting his head on everything in sight. So, all I can say is thank God (I mean that) for Facebook, Instagram, WordPress and Twitter. Oh, and obviously Craigslist. And thank God for smart phones and iPads. Otherwise I would feel very lonely and devoid of adult conversation. Also, there’s Pinterest. (I’ve been experimenting with recipes from there lately so I might write a blog advising you on some of those.) Actually, that’s not all I can say about that. Maybe I’ll write a blog about stay at home mommying soon. If I get another chance to sit still and type long enough (my “chances” mean blogging during Jack’s naps instead of doing other house chores that need doing. Or brushing my hair.)


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