Jack attack numero tres (? I think?)

13 Mar

Watching Jack play this morning, I decided this is my favorite age (7.5 months) and I don’t want him to get any bigger. If he could just stay this adorable, that would be great. I’m glad to feel this way, actually. I always hear moms saying things like “Oh, I had to pack up the three-month sizes last night and it was so sad. He’s getting too big!” And I’m all like, “Grow baby, grow!” The main reason is probably that I figure at some point in his life he will have to start sleeping through the night consistently and that seems like it might be the best age, whatever age it is. But this week he’s done alright, only waking up once in the middle of the night, and I can handle that. Plus, no offense to any newborns who may be reading this, but babies are pretty boring before three months of age. They are sweet and snugly and all but I can only look at a baby just laying there for so long. 7.5 months is definitely much more exciting.

About two weeks ago we went through a Wonder Week (A week when a mental development happens and they are cranky, clingy and cry a lot because of being overwhelmed). It was in the top two worst ones he’s had. The other one was around three months, I think. But, we woke up one morning and he smiled and I knew the storm had passed. Hallelujah. My happy little buddy is back! In other baby book type information, he still has no teeth and loves every kind of food I have offered him which is pretty much everything.

It’s really amazing how quickly they learn. One day they can’t crawl and the next day they can. The other day I taught him how to clap and he was so excited. So was I, actually.

It was the first time that we had real, clear two-way communication that we both understood (other than when he sees a bottle and gets all excited or something).

I know this is a bad picture but I just want to prove to everyone how psycho about food this kid is. He is trying to get that bottle on the dresser.

I know this is a bad picture but I just want to prove to everyone how psycho about food this kid is. He is trying to get that bottle on the dresser.

It felt like I imagine it would feel if I lived with someone who spoke Japanese and all of a sudden I figured out what one of her words meant. We were pumped. Now I get why parents are all excited about the smallest things that their kids learn. It’s so funny to watch them figure out a new skill, even if it’s something as simple as learning to tilt the sippy cup all the way up to get a drink. But, let’s keep it rizzle- there’s a difference between being excited and bragging. Please, Lord, don’t ever let me be one of those people bragging about how their kid just found his pee-pee or something. But, go ahead and watch this video cause it’s cute, I don’t care who you are.


Anyhoo. There are a few problems with a baby at this stage, of course. For a few weeks now, he’s been pulling up on everything in sight. And by everything, I mean Smokey’s face, the sliding glass door, dresser drawers, the dishwasher, his crib (back to the pack ‘n play- AGAIN), his pack ‘n play, my legs, blankets hanging off the couch and anything else he can get his grubby fingers on. Literally, his fingers are always disgusting from mashing his finger foods and then wiggling too much when I try to wash his hands so I don’t get them good enough. I thought this was real cute and fun the first time he did it but it’s actually a major headache. Literally. He busts his face or tips over backwards and bangs his head constantly. If he would just hang on it would be okay but he thinks since he can stand up that he should be able to walk. I’m sure that once he can walk, he will think he should be able to do double back hand-springs or something. He actually has his first shiner right now from pulling the baby monitor off my nightstand onto his eye. It’s plastic and super-light. I have no idea how it actually bruised him but let me tell ya, I expect a few stitches are in this kid’s future.

Also, his naps are just basically pointless. He takes about three that are 30-45 minutes long. Now, if we could condense those into one, we would be getting somewhere.

This morning I thought his foot (in his onesie pajamas) looked like it was a weird shape. I felt it and it felt like a weird shape. There was a SPOON in there. Why? How? I have not a clue.

His top three favorite foods: Paper, socks and leaves.

His top three favorite foods: Paper, socks and leaves.


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