Killin’ Time

4 Apr

Who misses Clint Black? Raise your hand! I do, I do!

In case you were wondering, I’m super awesome at taking care of a baby. It’s really sweet around here. I just carry him around in one arm singing charming little lullabies while vacuuming in kitten heels.

IMG_0880This is Jack tipping over whilst I try to take a cute bathtub hair pic. Don’t worry,  he caught himself before getting a face full of water. I’m teaching him independence. HAHA By the way, this pic helped me notice how nasty the caulking in our guest bath is. I can’t clean it off, so should I just caulk over it or what? Help a sista out!

Speaking of that little toot, he has currently been napping for 2.5 hours when his normal morning nap is about 40 minutes. This is a very good sign. Every time this has happened, he has gone into a sleeping through the night for a week or two phase. *fingers crossed*! But, I’ve pretty much wasted the whole nap time because I keep expecting it to be over so I don’t want to start a workout or a shower, etc. Dang! I guess I’ll write a blog, right?

Also, we had a big family get together here at the house for Easter. It went really well and was fun to have everybody in one spot. We missed those who couldn’t make it but that’s the way it goes! The only bad news is that the house stunk to high heaven because something is going on with our oven. My grandpa insisted the rolls were on fire, Spencer insisted our propane always makes the oven smell that way and my grandma mentioned (she doesn’t usually insist) that once her oven smelled like that and there was mouse pee by the pilot light. So, if you ate a roll at my house on Easter…Sorry. It might’ve been from a mouse pee oven.

Next random topic: The Whole 30 diet. I want to do it but I’m scared. It’s pretty much like a Paleo diet. If you have any info on it, you should share it with me. If you want more info, we need to read the book It all Starts with Food and peruse these websites: Whole9 and Grit and Glamour. My wonderful husband agreed that he would stick to it when he was around me so that I wouldn’t be unnecessarily tempted. The authors really make you feel guilty about waiting to start or putting it off but within the next thirty days are my birthday, one of my best friends’ bachelorette party and her wedding. I mean, I’m not going to take a sack lunch to a wedding. I know there will always be excuses but I don’t have anything planned for the thirty days after their wedding so I think I will plan on starting my 30 days on May 13. Plus I really, really, really want to stick to it 100% without cheating one single sip (like wedding champagne) or bite (like wedding cake).  I’m hoping that it will permanently change my eating and I will only reintroduce reasonable things like some grains, legumes and potatoes as well as probably allowing one cheat day per week. We will see. I will be studying up between now and then!

Okay, I think that’s all I have to share.

P.S. I could’ve done a workout, showered and cleaned my house by now if I had started at the beginning of this nap rather than sitting around waiting on him to wake up so we could go to the gym!


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