29 whole years

16 Apr

People. I am now 29 years old. A lot happens in 29 years. I have been a bit reflecty this morning and so I wanted to write a few things down about life on the front-side of 30. You know I love a good list so here’s my most epic list of all time. It’s my autobiography.

Year 1: I can’t for the life of me remember one single thing from this year but from what I hear, it was a pretty crazy one. Took my first breath, ate my first meal, learned to walk and talk, got some teeth and was basically the cutest thing anyone had ever seen. Born in Shawnee and lived in Cromwell.

Year 2: The only thing I remember about this year is the swinging saloon doors in our kitchen. Sorry, sister. I know you were born this year but apparently it didn’t make too big an impression on me at the time.

Year 3 (yes, this is going to go on for 26 more years so feel free to skip to the end. I would.): I remember eating breakfast with my dad at the bar in our kitchen before he left for work. It was white rice with butter and sugar and I was talking to him and getting irritated because he wasn’t paying attention to me. I was trying to have a convo about how the rice “tries to get away from ya” when you’re chasing it with your spoon and he was giving me the ‘ole “uh-huh” treatment. I still don’t like that, just ask Spencer! I need attention! Haha I’m pretty sure we moved to Ponca City at some point this year. We lived in a trailer park next to a gay couple who had explosive fights with the one who had a lisp always calling the other a “thtupid thon of a b*tch.” They gave me fun-sized Snickers bars all the time and I thought that was fabulous.

Year 4: My bubba is born! I remember my parents arguing in the hospital anout what to name him (they thought he was going to be a girl). My dad wanted Montana and my mom didn’t. Brother is Justin Montana. We moved out to Red Rock Ranch this year, too. I went to pre-school at a church in Ponca and I was very disappointed when my boyfriend, Andy, learned to write his name before I did. My mom assured me it was only because my name was longer.

Year 5: Real school starts at Frontier and so begins my 13 year aggravation with being forced to attend school except for when I faked being sick. I cried when my mom left me there the first morning. The first afternoon, I had no idea which bus to get onto when school got out, so I walked to each one with a girl who lived near me, asking the driver if they were going to my house. I eventually made it home somehow.

Years 6-9: I got some school awards, got to be in some plays and learned cursive. Not a bad period of life. Except that one time when I got in trouble for drawing Dolly Parton’s boobs in second grade. I decided to become a Christian (probably after the boob drawing).

Year 10: Not the best ever. Parents got a divorce and the siblings and I moved with our mama to Purcell. I was sad a lot of that time and I’ll spare myself and you from typing out those memories.

Year 11: Dad remarries and Mom goes to work waiting tables at a truck stop. Summers were so much fun because she worked 6am to 2pm so we would sleep late, eat lunch, pick up the house and she would take us to the pool every single day when she got home. We had three friends who were my mom’s bff’s kids who went with us. We were very tan and we ate pizza almost every day. We lived in a two-bedroom house and we rotated who got to sleep in mom’s room with her.
I met some of my good life-long friends when I started school at Purcell. The Murrah Building was bombed one day when I was playing hooky from school.

Years 12-14: middle school. What can I say? I didn’t make the cheer leading squad and I hated band. Also not so much on the sports. My cross-country coach eventually gave up and just let me hang out on the bus with him. My grandma passed away and we moved to a nice brick house that my mom built with the help of some inheritance. She now worked as an administrative assistant in Moore.

Year 15: I care about NOTHING but driving. I worked for my dad at his deer farm during the summer. I loved taking care of the baby deer. I started babysitting a couple of kids in my neighborhood every day after school in order to afford to go to rodeos and eat roast beef sandwiches from Loves.

Year 16: My dad comes through on the deal we made and buys me a sweet 1994 Pontiac Grand Prix, two-doored red beauty. I was obsessed with it. He paid $4300 for it and it’s funny how many cars I’ve had since then that were cheaper than my first one (at least 3). What freedom! I love my mom so much for always letting me have my independence. This year we moved in with my grandpa whose mental state had declined after my grandma died. We were once again in a two-bedroom house. My poor mother shared a bedroom with her two teenage daughters. I know. I got my first cell phone. Sweet Nokia brick. I worked at a bank.

Year 17: what happens when you’re 17? I don’t remember. I was active in FFA and drama. I got to serve as a page in the State House and I loved it. My grandpa passed away and we stayed in his house.

Year 18: I graduated high school! This was a moment I dreamed of all my life. I was basically in charge of my own life finally! Despite scholarship offers, I stayed in Purcell and attended OKCCC. I was too scared I couldn’t afford to live away from home. I was a little sad when my friends visited from college and I didn’t have any of those experiences but I got over it.

Year 19: I move to Norman with a friend from vo-tech. Oh yeah, jr year I took cosmetology at vo-tech. I was in my second year at OKCCC getting an Associates degree in poli-sci (yeah, I know,I know…) and the partying begins. I never drank in high school (besides maybe a wine cooler now and then to try to look cool) but the girl I moved in with was pretty wild. I’m not proud of it but it is what it is. I went to a lot of red dirt concerts.

Year 20: At one point this year I was in school full-time and working three jobs. Pretty busy. But not too busy to make some really poor choices and decide to get married.

Year 21: Living in Wayne, hanging out at my mom’s a lot, working at the bank again. This is when I got Smokey the Wonder Dog. My ex was working for his mom and step-dad selling insurance and his pay checks were always bouncing. We decided to move away from them and he wanted to go to Stillwater so that’s what we did.

Year 22: Life was pretty miserable but there were good things. My sister moved to Stillwater too so that helped a lot. I met a lot of great friends at the credit union where I worked. I kept myself out of the house as much as possible and played outside raising chickens, guineas, pigs and killing a garden. After two years, I caught him lying and cheating so I had a good excuse to escape. Chalk it up to being young and dumb and roll on down the road.

Year 23: I couldn’t afford to keep living where I was and I wanted my mama. So, I moved back in with her. I bought a horse which was weird because I was always pretty scared of horses but we had a great time competing in and losing at team sortings. I was depressed and embarrassed and I started drinking to escape. I realized what a pathetic path I was on so after six months back home I decided to go back to college.

Year 24: Back to Stillwater! Ag comm degree. I don’t recommend it in today’s job market but it was easy and fun. Back to waiting tables! I started praying hard and often about my life’s direction and the man for me. I met Spencer.

Year 25: Spencer and I dated off and on. He had moved to Tulsa soon after we met. I knew he was the one. It took a long time to convince him of it, though. I decided to drop some lbs.

Year 26: Spencer has figured it out. He got laid off and moved back to Stillwater and decided to finish his engineering degree. I graduated and couldn’t find steady work. I did temporary work in the student bookstore and cleaned houses and cars.

Year 27: I got my two favorite jobs ever this year. I worked at the feedmill for half a year and I became best pals with a middle-aged Mexican who was half my size. Ramon and I appreciated each others work ethic and he would cut me in and let me help out with his side jobs. Then I got the dream job. I was hired as a lobbyist! I learned so much and my bosses were so good to me.

Year 28: Spencer and I wed, bought a house and we got pregnant. I spent the whole summer alternately cleaning and floating in the pool. It was so luxurious!

Year 29: This was the craziest, hardest, best year yet. Little Jack joined us. Now we are watching him do all the stuff I did in year 1. : ) Smokey’s still around.

Plans for year 30: Health overhaul! I’m going to detox my body of junk and sugar next month and hopefully Jack will be down for some pool time this summer.


3 Responses to “29 whole years”

  1. McKenzie April 16, 2013 at 3:50 pm #

    You make me laugh every time! Thanks for the shout out in year 11 – those were some hard times we muddled through together in the wake of your parent’s divorce and the impending doom of mine. Fun times eating pizza, making up dances, playing nintendo and swimming.

  2. McKenzie April 16, 2013 at 3:50 pm #

    Also I didn’t realize you and my eldest share a birthday. Tis a good day!

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