Why I haven’t said squat about Gosnell

15 May

A few people have been wondering why I haven’t been raging commenting on the Kermit Gosnell trial. I would’ve if the media had continued to ignore it as per their original plan. But, we hollered enough that they had to cover it. So, what is there for me to say about it?

Get this: If you think what Kermit Gosnell was convicted of murder for is actually murder, then there’s no logical way for you to think that abortion isn’t murder. If you know that abortion is murder and you are fine with it, then I have nothing to say. I probably should but I have only so much energy.

Gosnell was snipping the backs of the necks of babies born alive during an abortion. And he got in trouble for it. I don’t really get it. The lady goes in there to have her baby killed. Which is fine with America. The baby comes out and it’s not all the way dead so they finish the job after it is all the way out. This is not fine with America? It’s the same thing, people.

I also want everyone to think about when YOU believe a baby has been born. I’m not saying go Google the definition. Use your brain and decide. Is it when the whole head is out? The top half of the body? The whole body? What if it’s a breech birth and the feet come out first? When the umbilical cord is cut? Once he or she has had the mucus suctioned out of his or her nostrils? Would it have been okay with you if the baby was just crowning and Gosnell stabbed it in the top of the head rather than snipping its neck? How about if it was in the birth canal and he stabbed it in there? How do you think abortions are performed? Where is the dividing line between murdering a baby and emptying/discarding uterine contents? Don’t you think every person could feasibly have a different idea of when that is?

Please, please, please stop trying to be “nice” by refusing to condemn abortion because you know someone who had one. Please stop blindly assuming the position that your political party tells you to. Please stop being ignorant of the human body and believing that an unborn baby is a female reproductive organ. Please, just use your brain and think about this. You either think it’s wrong to murder people or you don’t. Own that.


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