Jack Attack numero…ummm…quatro?

29 May

I can’t remember what number I’m on. Anyway, Jack turned 10 months old yesterday and we had a well baby check today so I thought it might be a good time to record some stats/memories so that maybe I can write it in a baby book. As soon as I remember to buy a baby book.

He weighed 21lbs and was 28 inches tall. He likes to eat everything in the universe except eggs. He’s not real big on those. He will aggressively grab any food or drink from anyone at anytime. He basically weaned himself from breastfeeding completely around 8 months which was FINE with me. He is running. Yes, running. The doctor even corrected me today when I said he was walking after she saw him going for a container in her office (which he thought had food in it). He climbs and dives off furniture whenever possible. He is sleeping excellent from about 7:30pm until about 5:30am. He has chubby cheeks and disproportionately large thighs considering the rest of him isn’t very fat. He says “Dada” CONSTANTLY, “Mama” occasionally and “uh-oh” when we drop something or when Spencer and I kiss (I have no idea why). He is skeptical of strangers but will usually let people hold him without having a fit. He is only still when he’s asleep. He’s a little sweetie pie most of the time. IMG_1509

But we have a poop problem. It’s been like a parade of poop around here lately. The other day, he poops his drawers, takes his diaper off and brings it to me. In the other room. I have no idea how long the diaper was off, where he sat or what he touched on the way to me. Then, Spencer was letting him have “naked time” which is apparently a man thing and Jack squatted right next to me and laid a cow patty. I almost threw up. Today, I was giving him a bath and you know where this is going. I put this bubble bath stuff in there because it makes the water cloudy which prevents him from seeing and therefore grabbing the drain plug. So, he poops in the bath but I have no idea about that until the water drains. DISGUSTING. I have a pic if you’d like to see it. It’s getting those little gems as texts that keep Spencer going during the day, I feel sure.

Also, he’s obsessed with wheels. He really likes music, including my singing, which proves that this child and I were meant to be together! If I had to describe Mr. Jack in one word, it would be “determined.”


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