‘Bout half a 30

15 Jun

This is what I wrote after two weeks on the Whole30:

“That’s what my diet should be called instead of the Whole30. Cause I made it about two weeks. I don’t like it. I DO like that I have learned how to shop and cook without including any dairy, bread, pasta or any of that stuff. But, I have felt like crap for the last two weeks, strange things (that are not positive) are happening with my body and it’s a terrible combination between super boring and super stressful. Like a college algebra final or something.

Can you tell I’m cranky? Yeah, so can everyone else. I’m tired. I was having hot flashes. My eyes are all weird. I heard about the carb flu but I’m not prepared to feel like I’m dying for two more weeks all in the name of health. It makes no sense. Yes, I am getting plenty of protein and healthy fats. I have scoured the forums and my symptoms aren’t all that strange. Also, instead of developing a healthier relationship with food, I’ve just become more obsessed with it. And Memorial weekend! Ugh! Don’t get me started on the combination of traveling and delicious holiday food that I had to pass up. I was in a terrible mood yesterday because I went to the gas station and I wanted something to drink but I’m just tired of unsweetened tea. I mean, I’m dying from the boredom. And from the cooking. I usually cook most of the time but every single meal is just too much pressure.

So, here are all my cheats: Day2 I chewed a piece of gum that had soy in it because I didn’t think about reading the ingredients on GUM. Then, my mom and I went to eat on Day6 which was the first time I ate anything that had not come from my house. I asked for oil & vinegar dressing and ended up with a vinaigrette. I ate a bite before I realized. I had lunch with a friend on Day10 at a little salad/sandwich cafe where they didn’t have oil and vinegar so I just opted for Italian. At this point I was starting to lose my give-a-care. Then Memorial weekend hit and instead of add yet another ice chest/bag (you know how much crap you have to pack for babies) with our Whole30 compliant food, I just decided to risk it. I ate some sandwich meat with lettuce and tomatoes for supper two days in a row. Not cool. But, that was the choice I made not to pack my own food. Also, the sandwich meat was clearly not compliant. I still have not had cheese or bread but last night I was just so AGGRAVATED because I just wish I could feel half-way decent if I’m going to be going to all this trouble so I drank a Coke. Yes, I admit it. I usually allow myself one Coke per week and so I just had one last night. I really don’t regret it. Is that bad?

I have actually learned from this experience, as much as I’m complaining. I’m still trying to follow some of the guidelines for the most part but it’s just too much for me to deal with trying to do it perfectly.”

So that was my rant after two weeks. I didn’t post it because I got tired of writing and didn’t finish it. But, a lot of people have been wanting to hear about it so I decided to post it and add to it rather than rewrite the whole thing. I lost five pounds over two or three weeks so that is good. I’ve gone way off the rails a few times and realized it’s not worth it. I don’t want crappy greasy junk food. I don’t really even want ice cream which is very shocking. I want to eat without adding sugar or dairy and I think I’m just going to stay off corn permanently. My thinking on that is that there is corn in basically everything so I’m getting plenty of corn without eating an ear of it with my steak. I’m going to try to eat more healthfully all the time but I’m not going to beat myself up for having a treat now and then. And I might still drink a coke once a week. Because it’s that delicious to me. The next step for me is to learn more paleo type recipes and ideas so that I don’t get totally burnt out on eating the same things all the time. If anyone has the book Well Fed Paleo, would you recommend it?


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