I used to be cooler than this. I think.

29 Sep

I almost hugged strangers and gave them friendship bracelets today. I went to a baby shower where the only person I knew was the new mama. And I haven’t known her that long. But she’s my kinda gal. And when we greeted each other she said, “We need to hang out!” And I tried to act cool and be like, “Yeah, I’d love to,” but in my head I was really like “OMG you have no idea how much I want to hang out with you so bad are you busy tomorrow?” And then, I was awkwardly sitting at a table alone and pretending to do majorly important things on my phone when this really pretty girl came and introduced herself. It was clear that my friend and this one had conspired to help me not feel like a weirdo. And I almost could’ve just cried right then and there (I didn’t, praise God).

I’ve been feeling lonely and isolated for awhile. The internet and the miracle of text messaging helps some but it’s not the same as face-to-face interaction. I am so so thankful to be a stay-at-home mama and I pray we continue to find ways that I can keep doing it all the time. But sometimes the only people I talk to for an entire week are my baby, my husband, and any Sonic car hop or grocery store bag boy I might meet in my daily adventures. I know this is the value of having a church family, but we didn’t find one here before Jack came and we’ve been inconsistent about it since his birth because of nap time scheduling. But, he’s getting old enough and I’m getting desperate enough that I think we may just have to wing it.

As my new friend (I’m going to go out on a limb here and call her my new friend because I want to even though I barely know her but I think her name is Stacy) and I talked at the shower, other ladies sat down and were kind enough to let me eavesdrop/jump into their conversations (mainly about their kids). And I was so relieved. I bet those girls had no idea that they were exactly what I needed right when I needed it the most. Just last night I told Spencer that I needed mom friends who are close enough that I can visit with them in-person (thank the Lord for my sister but she’s an hour away). And today some talked to me and invited me to their Sunday school class. I know it sounds so immature and loserish but I was so excited to meet them.

Another thing I am excited about is the MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group that I am going to join. I heard about it through Instagram and I looked it up and sure enough, there was one not too far from us. That’s during nap time too, but I don’t even care at this point. We went to Toddler Time at the McLoud library and that was pretty fun for Jack and there were a couple of homeschooling mamas there so, who knows, maybe they might become my friends too! And then maybe I will have real conversations with people who get what my life is like! And then I will have so many friends I won’t know what to do! And then the Internet will get a break from me pathetically begging for stimulation! It’s really a win-win-win.

{While I’m on the topic of being a desperate housewife, I would like to publicly retract my former tag line about hating mommy blogs. You may have noticed a little redesign lately and that’s because God has been doing a work in my heart and suddenly I can see that things that I never meant to hurt people by, may have hurt people. I never meant that I hate kids or I hate moms, I was just bored by blogs about kids because I didn’t have any kids and it seemed to be what the staggering majority of blogs were about. Also, sometimes it seemed like people were using their kids to get attention. But then someone accused me of writing a blog to get attention and I was all like, “I guess if by ‘attention’ you mean interaction with other humans, then yes, that is what I am doing.” So, I am very sorry if I offended anyone. I didn’t mean to. I now understand the great, overwhelming need to reach out and talk to people who are where you are. So, if you don’t have kids and you still hate mommy blogs, I get it. If you do have kids and you want to blog about their diaper rash, hey, good for you.}

Now, a disclaimer for all of my non-mom friends. I know sometimes it seems like moms are all trying to have their clubs and be all about moms. Kind of like how those “mommy blog” buttons made non-mommy blogs feel left out. But, it’s just because moms need other mom friends and sometimes the friends you already have don’t live close to you or have kids so you need to meet some ladies that do. Kind of like when you’re single and you need single friends to hang out with.

So, I’ll keep y’all posted on my social awkwardness and the forward progress of any new friendships I may make. I know you’re dying to hear all about it.




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