Day four: Instagramtastic

3 Oct

Are you on Instagram? Do you even know what Instagram is? Are you now thinking, My gosh, Heather, can you really expect me to partake in any more social media than I already do?! Well, I certainly understand if you feel like you are struggling to keep up with Facebook much less Twitter, Pinterest, a blog, Instagram, Tumblr and also actually read the news once in a blue moon (Speaking of the news, I’m so torn on whether or not to even post about the government shutdown which actually imore like a partial delay, but still. Let’s continue to hold off on that one. You’re welcome.) Trust me, I don’t keep up with all that stuff. I have never even typed “Tumblr” before today and my Twitter app is rarely activated these days. I do scroll through FB every day but it really hasn’t been doing much for me lately.

BUT INSTAGRAM. Oh, Instagram. I love thee. It’s a photo-sharing app that is also so much more. Over the last year and a half or so, I have somehow managed to find a great group of women to follow and learn from. And also see a lot of pretty pics. What happens is you start following someone you know or who you have heard of because they run a shop you like or are famous or something. And then they start tagging people in their posts or you look to see who they are following and you follow them too. Or, people who you don’t know start liking your photos and following you because of a # (such as #julybaby2012 which is a hash tag everyone who has a baby born in July 2012 can use and then you will be able to see each others pics when you click that tag) you used on your picture. And before you know it, you have built up a nice little list of people who can really enhance your online experience. Not to mention you can basically use it as an online scrap book so you don’t have to make one in real life.

I actually learned about the 31-day writing challenge on Instagram because a bunch of women whom I follow were joining and posting about it. I also seem to follow every single woman who went to the Influence Conference and all their breathless gushing about it made me super jealous that I wasn’t there. So I joined the Influence Network and of course, I have barely even perused the site yet. But, I will. Maybe when this challenge is over! Maybe I will even go to the conference next year. Who knows what happens in a year?

Anyhoo, because I have found Instagram to be such a fun and helpful part of me getting it together, I thought I would suggest some of my favorite Instagram accounts for you to follow if you want to join the partay. If you want to follow me, I can be found by searching for @mrshdbrown. Love ya.

@thenester is the host of this writing challenge

@five_chicks_and_farmer is married to @yonderwayfarmer and they both post beautiful pics of their farming, homeschooling life

@penningtonpoint is one of my favorites. She’s got a great sense of humor!

@thecanfields does a #canfieldsdayofgiving where she does acts of kindness with her kids like leave treats for the garbage men

@blindfilmcritic is a blind man’s IG account. Inspirational and amusing.

@tiffanyruda is a creative, funky mama

@fslmama is an Okie who posts some pretty pics

Those are a few of the personal accounts I love, but there are some professional ones worth checking out, too!

There are some seriously impressive photographers who post just really interesting shots on IG. Look up @I_like_boring_things @littlecoal and @newyorklahoman

If you have favorite brands, stores, salons or small shops, be sure and look them up on IG, too! It is a great place to hear about secret online sales or giveaways! Check out @savvyparke @johnnywasclothing @moxie @blobarokc @maebad

And of course there are awesome charitable IG accounts like @mochaclub and @sevenly as well

So, like I said, are you on Instagram? If you are, please leave a comment telling me your favorite accounts and your username so I can follow!




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