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Beware deadly acorns

24 Oct

Well, everyone, fall has arrived full force in central Oklahoma along the I-40 corridor (most likely in the rest of Oklahoma, too). This morning the wind was ripping acorns from the blackjacks and spitting them across the yard like a shotgun. I got pelted and when I reacted in a completely appropriate way by screaming and covering my head, Jack copied me and now the neighbors probably think he has PTSD or something because he won’t quit it.

Anyway, once I had recovered, I got back to calmly drinking my coffee with Spencer while we leaned against the shed. Jack was playing in the yard and turned around to smile and wave once , then resumed his activities. So sweet. He thought of us in the middle of his concentration and effort to find the perfect rock. He wanted to stop what he was doing just to connect with us for a moment.

And I remembered that while I was doing my morning quiet time (I did it late today). I wonder if it delights God’s heart for us to take a moment out of our busy work and just say, “Hi, God” the way it does a mama’s heart when her baby does it? “I just want to connect with you for a minute, God. I want to remember you.” Don’t you think he loves that? I do.050edit


What I got

21 May

“But in my distress I cried out to the Lord: yes, I prayed to my God for help. He heard me from his sanctuary; my cry to him reached his ears.”- Psalms 18:6 NLT

If you’re my friend on Facebook, you may have been annoyed by noticed all my posts about resources for storm victims and volunteers. Some people need to cry, some people need to sleep, some people need to talk, some people need to work and I need to info share. There is so much help out there that I want everyone to be aware of it in case they know someone who can use specific assistance.

I’m going to make an effort to slow down on all the “share” button clicking (no promises) so I wanted to put all the best links here so they can be found quickly. I’m going to try to provide info that may not be obvious. Of course, you can always go to the web sites of the governmental agencies and charitable organizations to see what they have to say.

In case you aren’t my friend on FB, I am available to babysit, transport items or give people rides. I have Jack with me so I can’t go shovel  rubble but I can do this stuff. Also, my home is open if anyone needs a place to hang out and watch tv, do laundry or take a shower. Whatever. If I can help you, I will. We’ve been extremely blessed because tornadoes on both Sunday and Monday were close enough that we stayed in the cellar for about an hour each time and when we emerged, not a shingle was out of place.

I don’t want to talk about it. I don’t want to watch it on TV. We actually avoided it last night but I’m slowly able to take in a little at a time today. I know some people do want to talk about it. But, there’s nothing for me to say that doesn’t sound totally inadequate and get me choked up. So, I’m not answering my phone to chat. You can text me if you  need me.

I was pretty much over the “Keep calm and blah blah on” paraphernalia two years ago but I love this one. IMG_1434This one that I stole from my friend, Chip, is awesome because it turns Oklahoma into a verb. Which is what we’ve really always been. Oklahoma on, everybody.



  • Lumber Liquidators is giving away free tarps.
  • A friend who lost a home in a tornado once asks us to help individuals directly when possible rather than donating to the Red Cross
  • Yvette Fees is offering horse boarding. She will assist in loading and transporting them in her trailer. 589-0883
  • Area casinos are holding blood drives all week: Riverwind Casino on Wednesday from 10am-6pm, Saltcreek Casino on Thursday from 1pm-6pm, Remington Park on Friday from 12-5pm and at Newcastle Casino on Saturday from 12pm-4:30pm.
  • Some have suggested donating to Moore-area funeral homes to help pay for the burial of victims. One specific one is called John Ireland and I know the body of a little girl named Emily will be there.
  • Lighthouse Medical Clinic (2801 S. Robinson, OKC) is offering free medical help for tornado victims and those involved in relief efforts.
  • Convoy of Hope disaster response
  • Many churches and police stations around Oklahoma and in neighboring states are taking donations. The list I have is too long but if you are looking for somewhere local to you and need help, just holler at me.
  • There are several groups selling relief tee-shirts with the proceeds going to help victims. This is a great thing if you find a group you trust because you can donate money but also show support for months to come by wearing the shirt!
  • charging stations, hot meals, coffee, restrooms. Highland Baptist. 4th & Sunnylane
  • Uhaul is offering free storage to tornado victims. 1-800-gouhaul
  • This group has a lot of helpful info
  • Dr. Ken Guthrie will be doing free eye exams for victims who lost glasses, contacts or had eye injuries. 405-753-9006. All Eyemart Express locations will be making and donating glasses.
  • Anyone assisting with relief & recovery – are invited to pick up a free box lunch at McAlister’s Deli 931 SW 25th St in Moore
  • The CVS on SW 19th & Santa Fe is open 24 hrs and will assist anyone with prescriptions lost in the tornado
  • A mobile phone charging station is available at Best Buy on I-35 and S. 19th
  • often the survivors and communities are forgotten just months after the shock is over. If you are interested in contributing to long-term recovery and rebuilding efforts for the community, consider a gift to the OKC Tornado Recovery Fund.
  • Probably the most helpful link would be to the Oklahoma Nation FB

Big city turn me loose and set me free

30 May

Howdy, howdy, howdy.

Friends, I hope you are doing well. I know I am. Well, I think I am. Actually, I’m not sure but I feel like I should be doing well so I probably am. Last Friday was the last day of the 2012 legislative session and it came just in the nick of time. Literally. By the last week, I was wearing flip flops and alternating between muumuus and maternity jeans (Yeah, jeans. At my job. At the Capitol.). I just didn’t have much choice and I almost fell asleep like five times in my spot outside the House chamber. I am practicing for when I become a sargeant in 47 years.

Anyhoo, since that chaos is now over with, I am operating from home a lot more which is just better for everyone. Except I’m exhausted from catching up on all the things I literally swept under the rug during session. Seriously, don’t ever look under my rugs February through May, okay? My main project, goal and focus in life (besides having a kid in 2.5 months) is getting my house unannexed from OKC.

“Unannexed?” you ask. “Yes, unannexed,” I answer. Is that even actually a word? I’m not sure. Spell-check doesn’t really think so. But I bet you can figure out what it means. So, Spencer and I made a rookie home buyer mistake and kind of bought a house that is not actually in the town that we thought it was in. I know. We wanted something out in the country, on a few acres but still within driving distance of our jobs in OKC. So, we found this little place called “Newalla.” It is, like, really far from the city, y’all. I mean, it takes 15 minutes to get to I-35 or 15 minutes to get to Shawnee going the other direction. We have a 74 zip code rather than a 73 one. We are in McCloud school district. Soooo, not being from the city, we assumed we were outside it’s evil grasp in Newalla. Well, all it took was one afternoon of shooting some semi-automatic military-style rifles and here come the poe-poes. The OKC poe-poes. They were very polite (which is always pleasant, considering the fact that a rude cop usually ends up with me being threatened and told to stop yelling) as they informed us that since we are inside the city limits, we really shouldn’t be practicing for the zombie apocalypse in our yard. Whaaaaa?!

So, of course, I do some extensive researching (aka, Googling) and learn that OKC had this huge power grab back in the 50’s and 60’s because they wanted to be humongous. And also cause they are jerks. And also because apparently, people around here aren’t radical enough and they don’t know that sometimes you gotta fight for your right. Now, having learned this, I have set about trying to find out how to get unannexed. Unfortunately, I have thus far been unsuccessful in figuring out how to do that. My best guess is that I would have to get all the neighbors riled up. But then what? I can’t figure out what’s in it for OKC. I know everyone says taxes. But, honestly, there are just one or maybe two gas stations. There is a little cluster of businesses at an intersection a few miles east of here, but the lady at the feed store told me the sales tax was only 4% there. Which led me to believe they were not in OKC city limits. But then I found out the city limits go all the way to Pottawatomie Co. So, I’m just confused.

The next question is, what’s in it for us? Why would my neighbors not be with me on this? Well, we get trash service. Seriously, that’s it. And it’s $30/month which I think is a rip-off anyway. And my neighbors have horses. Do you have to get a permit for that? What about leash laws? What about bow-hunting (trust me, there is hunting going on, I’m just not sure how.)? How about fires? I’m pretty sure we aren’t allowed to burn anything but since all the neighbors do it, I’m guessing that’s why they haven’t turned us in on that one.

What I really want is to either have our own little township of Newalla or get annexed by McCloud. Harrah is closer but I guess if we are in McCloud school district, I can go with that. I was thinking we might have more luck if we could entice a neighboring town with our wonderful tax dollars and get them on board rather than trying to go it alone. As you might imagine, I know some people who know about this kind of stuff. They pretty much think I’m dumb and it’s never going to happen. But maybe it could. Then, I wouldn’t have to worry that Spencer is going to want to move again in a couple of years. And I could shoot a deer. I mean, really, it’s going to be OKC’s fault when I have to try to spear one and it’s walking around all speared and probably getting an infection and that just won’t be good PR for them, now will it?!

Okay, I have rambled on long enough. If anyone has any advice or suggestions for me, PLEASE SHARE. I am an idiot at this. I have no idea what I’m doing. But, I really think I should look into it and even if it might take years, it might be worth it. Okay, go!

This is what we call “defeat.”

23 May

Want to see something funny? This is my garden.


That’s all. Have a nice day.

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